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Electrical Installation Work: Level 3: EAL Edition The Only EAL Approved Textbook For The Level Diploma In Electrical Installation Fully Up To Date With The Rd Amendment Of The Th Edition IET Wiring Regulations Expert Advice That Has Been Written In Collaboration With EAL To Ensure That It Covers What Learners Need To Know In Order To Pass Their Exams Extensive Online Material To Help Both Learners And Lecturers Written Specifically For The EAL Diploma In Electrical Installation, This Book Has A Chapter Dedicated To Each Unit Of The Syllabus Every Learning Outcome From The Syllabus Is Covered In Highlighted Sections, And There Is A Checklist At The End Of Each Chapter To Ensure That Each Objective Has Been Achieved Before Moving On To The Next Section End Of Chapter Revision Questions Will Help You To Check Your Understanding And Consolidate The Key Concepts Learned In Each Chapter Fully Up To Date With The Third Amendment Of The Th Edition Wiring Regulations, This Book Is A Must Have For All Learners Working Towards EAL Electrical Installations Qualifications

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    This book is well written, and it s high quality pages bound well together.It is specially geared towards EAL coursework and exams level on the book you wish to purchase, as they dothe Level 2 as well , as well as the practical assessments It works as well for those doing City Guilds as well as the core subjects are covered.It s like having an extra tutor at home.The

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    Haven t done this part of the course yet but it s not yet been updated to the 18th edition so unsure if the content will change in due course. Good mix of diagrams and text with a quiz at the end of each section with answers at the rear Ordered this as used and it s as immaculate as you d expect off the shelf new..

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    the product corresponds to the description, It is very good quality I recommend with all confidence Thanks a lot

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    the book has some good bits in it, bit of a rip of having to buy a level 2 and level 3 book for the eal course could easily combine both into 1 book.

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    Very helpful in assisting with my studies in electrical installation This is based on 17th edition though so I m guessing there will be a new edition on its way

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    Always had issues understanding cable calculations This book explains clearly all the steps involved invaluable.

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    This helped me tremendously with my electrical science exam EAL , it helped me understand topics by explaining it in a different way to my lecturers.

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    A book for EAL level 3 installion course.

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