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3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting and Milling This is the only complete overview of making the physical art object with digital tools that I am aware of I use many of the processes the author describes to assist others in producing their work, and I recommend this book for practicing artists As well, it would be good for collectors to understand these things, as work produced this way is already in their world.It s easy to lose time simply by not knowing where to start This book speeds you to the questions to consider, how to prepare and what to do next Ms Mongeon dispels the notion that with a few taps on the screen, suddenly your work is good Art making is as difficult as ever This book does help with understanding the nuts and bolts both of traditional methods, and the soon to be traditional methods. The Possibilities For Creation Are Endless With D Printing, Sculpting, Scanning, And Milling, And New Opportunities Are Popping Up Faster Than Artists Can Keep Up With Them D Technology In Fine Art And Craft Takes The Mystery Out Of These Exciting New Processes By Demonstrating How To Navigate Their Digital Components And Showing Their Real World Applications Artists Will Learn To Incorporate These New Technologies Into Their Studio Work Andsee Their Creations Come To Life In A Physical Form Never Before Possible Featuring A Primer On D Basics For Beginners,interviews, Tutorials, And Artwork From Over Artists, Intellectual Property Rights Information, And A Comprehensive Companion Website, This Book Is Your Field Guide To Exploring The Exhilarating New World Of D Follow Step By Step Photos And Tutorials Outlining The Techniques, Methodologies, And Finished Products Of Master Artists Who Have Employed D Technology In New And Inventive Ways Learn How To Enlarge, Reduce, And Repurpose Existing Artwork And Create Virtual Pieces In Physical Forms Through A Variety Of Mediums Research Your Options With An Accessible List Of Pros And Cons Of The Various Software, D Printers, Scanners, Milling Machines, And Vendors That Provide Services In D Technology Listen To Podcasts With The Artists And Learn Tips And Tricks Through The Book S Website At Digitalsculpting This is a remarkable book, for a remarkable time in the arts, by a sculptor and writer uniquely suited to the task In 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting, and Milling, Bridgette Mongeon undertakes the prodigious task of providing a broad overview, and up close examination, of the 3D digital scanning, sculpting, and printing tools software and hardware which are revolutionizing the traditional techniques of sculpture armature building, hand modeling, pointing up enlargement, and investment casting With her twenty years of experience in figurative sculpture a Master of Fine Arts degree in combining 3D Technology and Fine Arts from Goddard College and hands on practice with many of the digital tools she discusses, Mongeon manages to bridge the old and new in sculpture While an enthusiastic advocate of these new tools, with their power and versatility, she is sensitive to the appeal of hand craft its grounding in the manipulation of physical material, with all the sensory richness which pertains to this, and she recognizes the trade offs Her effort, in this book, is to show how the two can be integrated in a sculptor s work flow She is frank about the difficulties sculptors are likely to encounter in learning the new digital tools, but just as frank in showing, by example, how liberating these tools can be Though 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft is solidly technical, it is not simply a manual The hard information of text is illuminated by how it s done sequences of photographs, and numerous other photographs of the incredible no, astounding sculptures and architectural constructions, large and small, created by some of the most creative digital artists in the world Indeed, with its large format and pleasing layout, 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft can be a delightful coffee table book The final chapter, on the subject of patents and intellectual property rights, provides interesting historical background, and sections on the Orphan Works Act and Fair Use, which are highly pertinent The physical book itself is wonderfully complemented by Mongeon s excellent and wide ranging website, www.digitalsculpting.net I found her podcasts especially interesting, even exhilarating In these podcasts, she interviews pioneering artists, engineers, and service bureaus working at the cutting edge of the revolution in sculpture As certain of these artists and engineers point out, 3D digital tools have been around and have been experimented with for decades But it is only within the past few years, due to the dissemination of various user friendly 3D modeling tools available for free download, and the availability of affordable 3D scanning and 3D printing devices, that their use has exploded, creating a second wave revolution, and it is into this great current of new activity, that Mongeon has set her book afloat, like a lighted buoy I was cheered by the fine quote from Erwin Hauer which Mongeon chose to begin Chapter Two, A World Turned Upside Down It is an important token reminder for the younger generation and their tutors, that above and beyond the abundance of electronic marvels, the human vision and imagination remains the most important element, and that its nurture should not be replaced by excessive reliance on devices In short, 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft is a marvelous book, which has the specificity and breadth to appeal to professional artists and engineers, and novices alike It is encompassing, and yet accessible, and fills a wide gap, bridging old and new ways of making, and conceiving of, sculpture. Bridgette is the master of 3D technology and art Her books is an easy read and is full of helpful tips This book has it all, there is so much great content and it is well organized and easy to use A great buy I am what you could call old school As an art student my focus was exclusively on painting and drawing, my mediums of choice were charcoal and oil paints After I got hold of this book I couldn t wait to dive into the latest techniques sculptors are using to work digitally The book is extremely clear and well written Every topic is presented in a straight forward manner, the reader needs no prior knowledge of the field or the equipment used Throughout the book examples of work are presented from a wide variety of artists showcasing the endless possibilities of this medium The appendix is a goldmine of useful information including where to get a hold of free software.A great book for any type of craftsman or artists who is curious about using digital technology in their work. I found this book a bit light in terms of solid knowledge about 3d technology in fine art However, it s still a fun read. very good read Brilliant book Have been involved with the technology mentioned in this book for years Clear and a good read.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting and Milling book, this is one of the most wanted Bridgette Mongeon author readers around the world.

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