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Anatomy and Physiology For Dummies, 3rd Edition (For Dummies (Lifestyle)) Bought this book to help me during my anatomy and physiology course and it is very useful I referred to it a lot for my assignments and also used just one other anatomy book as a supplement. Learn About The Human Body From The Inside Out Some People Think That Knowing About What Goes On Inside The Human Body Can Sap Life Of Its Mystery Which Is Too Bad For Them Anybody Who S Ever Taken A Peak Under The Hood Knows That The Human Body, And All Its Various Structures And Functions, Is A Realm Of Awe Inspiring Complexity And Countless Wonders The Dizzying Dance Of Molecule, Cell, Tissue, Organ, Muscle, Sinew, And Bone That We Call Life Can Be A Thing Of Breathtaking Beauty And Humbling Perfection Anatomy Physiology For Dummies Combines Anatomical Terminology And Function So You Ll Learn Not Only Names And Terms But Also Gain An Understanding Of How The Human Body Works Whether You Re A Student, An Aspiring Medical, Healthcare Or Fitness Professional, Or Just Someone Who S Curious About The Human Body And How It Works, This Book Offers You A Fun, Easy Way To Get A Handle On The Basics Of Anatomy And Physiology Understand The Meaning Of Terms In Anatomy And Physiology Get To Know The Body S Anatomical Structures From Head To Toe Explore The Body S Systems And How They Interact To Keep Us Alive Gain Insight Into How The Structures And Systems Function In Sickness And Health Written In Plain English And Packed With Beautiful Illustrations, Anatomy Physiology For Dummies Is Your Guide To A Fantastic Voyage Of The Human Body I brought this for my degree in Sports and Dance Therapy honestly it explains things so much better than my lecturer does Really useful and great diagrams HIGHLY recommend I am using it to study a subject that I dropped many years ago just for my personal interest and the mental challenge.It is certainly ideal for getting the brain working again It is Technical than I anticipated but for my purposes probably a good thing. Very good, informative, with pictures and diagrams Worth the money, if student and needs to learn biologyvthis book will help to follow all the topics I like this book, gives a good overall breakdown of many physiology subjects Great for an old timer like me who forgets things after 2 minutes This book really helped me I started a degree and was struggling with the terminology and the way my lecturer explained things This book explains it well and not in a way that is too complicated. Having already brought an anatomy and physiology book, I later found this one which I prefer a lot Everything is worded in a way which is really easy to digest, diagrams included are clear and easy to follow too

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