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Screenwriting Unchained: Reclaim Your Creative Freedom and Master Story Structure: Volume 1 (With The Story-Type Method) In Screenwriting Unchained, Emmanuel Oberg Sets Out A Dogma Busting, Innovative Method For Developing ScreenplaysThis Practical, No Nonsense Guide Leaves Behind One Size Fits All Story Theories And Offers A Refreshingly Modern Approach To Story Structure, Making It A Precious Resource For Anyone Involved Creatively In The Film And TV Industry Or Aspiring To Be Writers, Directors, Producers, Development Execs, Showrunners And, Generally, Storytellers Eager To Reach A Wide Audience At Home And Abroad Without Compromising Their Creative IntegrityOberg Identifies Three Main Story Types Plot Led, Character Led, Theme Led Then Reveals In A Clear, Conversational Style How Each Of These Impacts On The Structure Of Any Story And How We Can Use A Single Set Of Tools To Develop Any Screenplay, From An Independent Crossover To A Studio Blockbuster Crucially, He Also Looks At Hybrids And Exceptions, Those Unique Gems That Don T Fit Any Of The Story Types Yet Still Work BeautifullyThis Leads To The Story Type Method , A Powerful But Flexible Way To Handle The Script Development Process Oberg S Inspiring Framework Doesn T Tell Filmmakers What To Write And When, But Focuses Instead On Why Some Storytelling Tools Have Stood The Test Of Time, And How To Use Them In The St CenturyHere Are Some Of The Easy To Understand Concepts Explored In Screenwriting Unchained That Will Help You Improve Any Screenplay How To Identify The Story Type Of Your Project To Make Its Development Faster And Easier And To Solve Most Story Structure ProblemsHow To Leave Behind The Prescriptive, Logistical Three Act Structure Based On Page Numbers Or Minutes And Replace It With A Flexible, Dramatic Three Act Structure That Will Help You Design A Rock Solid ScreenplayHow Focusing On Emotion, Character Development And Managing Information Will Allow You To Go Beyond The Protagonist Goal Obstacles Conflict Basic Chain Of DramaHow To Use The Fractal Aspect Of Structure To Design Not Only The Whole Story But Also Its Parts In Order To Avoid The Dreaded Sagging Middle Syndrome And Breathe New Life Into Your ScriptHow To Clarify What S At Stake And Increase Your Chances Of Getting The Project Made With A New Take On Maslow S Hierarchy Of NeedsHow To Use Subgoals To Sequence The Action In Your Story And Psychological Emotional Steps To Sequence The Evolution Of Your CharactersHow To Keep The Audience Engaged Using Tools Like Dramatic Irony, Surprise, Mystery And Suspense, Adding A Third Dimension To Your StoryHow To Master These Tools And Principles In Scenes Through Practical Exercises Before Using Them In A Short Film, A Feature Film, A TV Episode Or A Whole Series Following Hands On Tips And AdviceHow To Design An Attention Grabbing Opening And A Satisfying EndingHow To Deal With Hybrids And Exceptions, As Story Structure Isn T About Forcing All Narratives Into A Single Formulaic ParadigmHow To Approach A New Draft Creatively And Efficiently With The Rewrite Stuff Ways To A Stronger ScreenplayHow To Make The Difference Between Selling Documents Used To Raise Development Or Production Finance And Story Design ToolsOnce You Ve Developed A Killer Script, How To Best Pitch Your Project According To Its Story Type And Get Enthusiastic Partners On Board And Much, Much Including Case Studies From Films As Diverse As Gravity, Silver Linings Playbook, Crash, The Intouchables, Birdman, Edge Of Tomorrow, The Secret In Their Eyes, LA Confidential And The Lives Of Others, Screenwriting Unchained Will Transform The Way You Write, Read, Pitch, Design, Assess And Develop Screenplays Guaranteed

About the Author: Emmanuel Oberg

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Screenwriting Unchained: Reclaim Your Creative Freedom and Master Story Structure: Volume 1 (With The Story-Type Method) book, this is one of the most wanted Emmanuel Oberg author readers around the world.

8 thoughts on “Screenwriting Unchained: Reclaim Your Creative Freedom and Master Story Structure: Volume 1 (With The Story-Type Method)

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    This book really resonates with my approach to stories and writing the parts on character led stories are something fresh after seeing book after book talk solely about protagonists with a want who must overcome obstacles to defeat et

  2. says:

    This is a fantastic handbook for screenwriters, or for anyone working with them It is clear enough to be accessible if you are new to screenwriting, but deep and wide ranging enough to work as a guide for experienced professionals, or for pr

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    I met Emmanuel Oberg a long time ago, when he was teaching screenwriting, based on Lavandier s book La dramaturgie.Since then, his reflexion evoluted to a new paradigm, and while still paying his tribute to his former mentor, he proposes now a new

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    This remarkable and brilliant book really gives the tools needed to write a successful screenplay Not only that, it is written in such a clear and exciting way that it is difficult to put down He starts with The Story Type TM He discusses the Three Act St

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    This is a really clear and intelligently laid out book Each section flows logically and easily into the next It is very accessible and the principles are quick to grasp It has some truly inspired chapters, use of Maslow, break down of types of story and above be

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    Written with great clarity coupled with a deep understanding of the craft of screenwriting Rather than mis sell you a paradigm, Emmanuel s book equips you with the tools to create, to analyse, and to improve your stories and screenplays, all backed up by robust and com

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    Screenwriting Unchained is an incredibly comprehensive book and an impressive achievement indeed In particular, the way Oberg devises a properly unified theory that is creatively rather than orthodoxy led makes it a fabulous one stop, practical tool box for writers and develo

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    Having read a preview copy, I can say that Oberg has come up with something of use for the novice and the professional alike His deep understanding bridges the desire to be creative and yet serve that creativity with a solid use of structure This is a lesson from a master of his cra

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