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The Now Prophecies So much information in such a small purchase Exactly what I was looking for Well done. God S Word To Noah Was To Prepare NOW For A Worldwide Flood God S Word To Joseph Was To Prepare Pharaoh And Egypt NOW For Seven Years Of Famine God S Word To Jeremiah Was To Prepare The Jews NOW For Seventy Years Of Exile Into Babylon The Key Word In These Historical Examples Was NOW What Does God S Word Say For Us To Prepare For NOW What Are The Tough Decisions We Need To Make The NOW Prophecies Book Identifies The Biblical Prophecies That Were Written Centuries Ago For THIS GENERATION These Ancient Inscriptions Predict Powerful Events That Will Profoundly Affect Everyone This Book Makes It Easy To Understand How To Get Ready NOW For What To Expect In The Near Future I found this book accurate, well written and fascinating Some spelling errors so would suggest a re editing Well worth the read for all of us who are watching bible prophecy come to fruition. Good Book, a must read for prophecy students excellent book very good I would prefer to discuss this with the author, but I m unable to find a means of contacting and communicating with him discreetly There is a tremendous amount of unsupportable assumption Quoting a portion of Is 49 23 he writes trouble on the sea it cannot be quiet A few lines later he writes This is not a colloquialism that tolerates a typological or allegorical explanation rather it demands a literal interpretation then he follows a few lines further on, to give an allegorical or symbolic interpretation to the phrase, saying that it represents missiles launched from the Mediterranean Sea, which happens to be where several Israeli owned Dolphin class nuclear submarines patrol This is literal, not allegorical This is the same poor interpretive method as Hal Lindsey s explanation of locusts in Rev 9, locusts being helicopter gunships, whereas in the same chapter, verse 11, it says and they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit , strongly implying that this is a spiritual invasion, and a representation of demons being released from hell The Holy Bible is its own best interpreter Read Isaiah 17 12 13, in which Isaiah talks about Damascus is eerily similar terms the multitudes of many people, which make noise like the noise of the seas, and to the rushing of nations, that make a rushing like the rushing of many waters The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters Rev 17 15 explains this terminology explicitly The waters are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues Is it too much to say I don t know what the exact order of events might be OR Perhaps the application of the prophecies to various geo political entities MIGHT BE a small part of the same apocalyptic cataclysm involving a large number of national prophecies being fulfilled in the same period of time To substantiate that a large IDF military is the cause of deliverance in Ez 37 38, he quotes Ez 37 10, an exceeding great army Can t GOD the Father and Jesus Christ Himself be the miraculous cause of Deliverance in these chapters Go back and do a proper Biblical exegesis a LITERAL interpretation of who this is speaking of Verse 9 identifies PRECISELY LITERALLY who they are breath upon these SLAIN, that they may live again Whoever they are, they are not the Israeli IDF They were KILLED, and then are RAISED FROM THE DEAD This couldn t possibly be an army consisting of the MARTYRED and RESURRECTED saints of God from the Old and New Testament, now serving and coming back in the Armies of Heaven in Rev 19 14 at the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ Rev 9 14 is the ONLY army in BIBLICAL eschatology I know of, that FITS the definition of being SLAIN, and then RESURRECTED See Joel 2 1 11, esp v.11 Isn t this a possibly fitting scenario Very informative,and a very good read Excellent book Brings biblical prophetic timelines into perspective What I have seen going on in the middle east these past few years certainly lines up with Ezekiel ch 38 39.I fear the clock is ticking and there will be another war in the middle east very shortly.

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