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Homebrew Wind Power: A Hands-On Guide to Harnessing the Wind Have You Ever Wondered How Wind Turbines Work And Why They Look Like They Do Are You Interested In Adding Wind Power To Your Off Grid Electric System, But Have Been Put Off By The High Cost Of Equipment And Installation Well, Now You Can Build And Install Your Own Wind Turbine Harnessing The Wind Can Be A Tricky Business, But In This Groundbreaking Book The Authors Provide Step By Step, Illustrated Instructions For Building A Wind Generator In A Home Workshop Even If You Don T Plan On Building Your Own Turbine, This Book Is Packed With Valuable Information For Anyone Considering Wind Energy It Covers The Basic Physics Of How The Energy In Moving Air Is Turned Into Electricity, And Most Importantly, Will Give You A Realistic Idea Of What Wind Energy Can Do For You And What It Can T

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    Exactly as wanted

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    Very helpful when learning about wind power and deciding weather to move forward with it or not After reading this book and alot of stuff online it is apparent that you have to know and understand what to get or make 2nd, one wind turbine is basically useless and will pretty much do nothing of any benefit for you at all,

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    Quite a bit of useful information, and reasonably well organized We were able to read and make sense of the topic Formulas were useful and the explanation of electrical generation were well thought out Their use of the basic formulas was crisp and easy to understand You really can do a lot with this.It would have been better if the

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    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I plan to put it to use at some point in the future to build my own wind turbine from scratch This book gives excellent instruction on how to build your own wind turbine and it is fun to read I recommend it to anyone interested in wind turbines or renewable energy.

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    I was very happy with this book It contains all the information you would need to learn to build your own wind turbine generator and is put together in a very easy to read and understand format The authors are entertaining and the information is accurate There is a great chapter on sources and other materials for a person that wants to make their home

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    This was really an interesting book, which gave great information on wind power how to build your own power at home.It helped give us enough information to get started Thank you Tracie

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