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Carlos Bunga: Milton Keynes Project This Work Is Edited By Emma Dean, And Michael Stanley Since Appearing In Manifesta In San Sebastian In , The Portuguese Artist Carlos Bunga Has Steadily Gained International Recognition For His Distinctive Sculptural Interventions That Propose Ideas About Impermanence And The Fragility Of Memory In , Milton Keynes Gallery Played Host To The Artist S First UK Project, And Later That Same Year, He Won The Rd International Castellan Painting Prize Bunga S Installations Comprise Makeshift Corridors And Labyrinthine Spaces, Crudely Fashioned From Sheets Of Corrugated Cardboard And Held Together With Brown Packing Tape Occasionally, The Artist Will Paint The Walls In Sweeping Monochromatic Planes Of Colour As A Subtle Process Of Domestication Working With Intense Speed, There Is Little Attention To Detail, And The Bare Minimum Is Employed To Transform A Cardboard Box, Perceptually And Metaphorically Into A Room

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