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Bible Dictionary A trustworthy classic of Bible scholarship, this compact and inexpensive edition of Smith s is than just a dictionary defining thousands of biblical words It s a complete Bible study resource, packed with page after page of essential information like Descriptions of important Bible characters and locations Dozens of maps and charts to deepen Old and New Testament understanding Chronological tables of events for quick, accurate reference , questions and answers designed to challenge and instruct Background on biblical life including such items as weights and measures, idols, vegetation, geography, kings and queens, musical instruments, animals, traditions and customs, food, political movements and

14 thoughts on “Bible Dictionary

  1. The Reviewer The Reviewer says:

    Very helpful


    The person i bought this book for, thought it was absolutely brilliant.So much knowledge can be gained by the question and answers section I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to broaden their understanding of the bible.

  3. RHH RHH says:

    This book lets the bible speak for itself It does not put established church doctrine above what the scriptures have to say It is an excellent book for anyone who wishes to know what the bible actually says rather than what people say that it says It brings to life many of the places and names that would otherwise be meaningless It is written by authors who believe what the bible says themselves and show great respect for it I have seen others by people who don t believe Their writings are rather like reading a book about the theories of Einstein by someone who doubts all that he says This book is a great help for anyone who wants to deepen their study of scripture

  4. Duke_sc Duke_sc says:

    I have to blame myself for not researching this book enough before buying There s nothing particularly wrong with it, it s just I hoped it was quite an up to date book in terms of layout and type, but it s actually quite an old book and the layout and type and drawings all look circa 1900 s The information in it is fine, but if like me you re looking for a book with a modern layout and photographs and maps etc., then you ll want to give this one a miss Incidentally, if you use something like Bible Explorer 4 or Wordsearch bible 8 you can add this to your library for free Wish I d spotted that I had it already on there before buying it Doh

  5. W. T. Chislett W. T. Chislett says:

    Delivered much earlier than promised, arriving in time for Christmas.This was a present and just what was wanted.

  6. Ruth Larbie Ruth Larbie says:

    Excellent condition I love reading the Word from the original language it was written in.

  7. Poindexter Poindexter says:

    Dated Smug Arrogant Victorian attitude.

  8. eric prescott eric prescott says:

    I recommend as usual the older version of this book This one has been edited to remove controversial but previously contained material that has no recent discovery to make it irrelevant, and yet the material has been removed anyway Case in point the ark of the covenant entry The older version makes reference that the original ark concept was not jewish but egyptian, slightly diff design same basic motif You can see it in michael tsarion video on genetic manipulation, on the screen, the older entry clearly visible So get the older one pre 1990 Less redaction More information This one has been censored.

  9. Jeff Jeff says:

    Product exactly as pictured nand described Item is clear and easy to understand and read Packed full of information It s a treasure trove of biblical information I gave it to my granddaughter as a gift and she simply loves it It has a hardbound sturdy cover which will make it last longer under lot of use I am sure it will get.

  10. BSXX BSXX says:

    Though you can find extensive Bible dictionaries and encyclopedia s, for the size and price this one cannot be matched It is packed with excellent information No fluff, no wasted space, it gets right to the point It is an obviously well researched and scholarly resource.I have the 1 volume softcover edition The type is so small I can barely read it, but I discovered that I used it because it was so handy It is easily carried when I travel and is always kept nearby even at home.This is a serious resource It contains information on everything Outlines and backgrounds of the books of the Bible, Biblical cities and countries, Biblical characters, animals, trees and plants, some customs of the time though very little compared to books written specifically for that purpose , and much .The sad thing is, you can probably find it for 2.00 at a used book store, when the reality is that it is worth infinitely than many of the higher priced modern books If you can t afford an extensive library, you can learn a whole lot by using this book in your Bible study You can spend 10 times money for a multi volume set, but at best probably only gain 25% pertinent material I highly recommend it.

  11. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Greart study aid SMITH S is the best in the hebrew greek meaning of names out there Wonderful Help

  12. Sapphire Sapphire says:

    This is like a comprehensive guide for people, places, and things of the Bible.

  13. Heather Murphy Heather Murphy says:

    Will help with your bible studies

  14. R. Chisholm R. Chisholm says:

    Love, love, this dictionary Wish i had known about it years ago What a perfect aid in helpingto understand the Bible Even purchased one for a friend.

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