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Passport to World Band Radio 2001 The World S Leading Shortwave Reference Covers News, Music, Sports, And Drama, From The BBC To Radio Zambia, Including Country By Country Scheduling Information For A Wide Variety Of Programs Original

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    Fantastic book Many thanks to the seller Very good book with lots of usefull information Many thanks to the seller Cheers

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    Great resource, loads of valuable info.

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    Fore many years we have included this book in our club bookstore Even it is in english, we have many French speaking international listeners who ordered it It is the only complete guide for Short Wave broadcasting We appreciate all different chapters, mainly the receivers and accessories review, the

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    It s fun to look back at bold predictions and see what became of some of the outlandish Back in the 1970s, Yamaha sponsored a series of symphony orchestra performances of a Mozart piano concerto with the soloist playing a Yamaha electronic piano The computer and electronic press dutifully wrote the

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    A must have for those who are interested in entering the growing society of world band radio enthusiasts This unique book is a consumer s guide, radio guide and excellent introduction to shortwave radio.Consumers Guide This book is worth its price if just for the 72 digital radios reviewed in the book

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    I am new to shortwave and had this book recommended to me on a Usenet newsgroup a few times I checked out the 2001 edition from my local library and found it to be very, very useful It has a comprehensive list of recievers and shortwave frequencies and broadcasters There is just too much valuable infor

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    This book is a great book to anyone that is new to shorwave listening First of all it has excelent reviews of all kinds of shorwave radios It also features highly detailed sections on shorwave station adresses, shorwave broadcasts in english, program times, and The best thing about this book are the bl

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    I just obtained this book last night and I m very impressed with the set up, the tremendous blue pages lay out of radio stations, and the extensive what s on time section of radio as to when, where and what I am amazed The reviews are excellent as well and they do give great detail into what to look for

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