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Ring of Truth Very concise and quite easy to understand Provides a good aid to understanding the New Testament Will buy of his books. Excellent Bery clear, persuasive book from an expert. I haven t read it all yet, but so far it s excellent Clear and concise writing, down to earth, no frills and fancies, and his work really makes you think deeply I m sure there ll be lots personal revelations in this book. Best book on the subject. This book is a translator s testimony, as it says in the title It isn t a scholar s discussion of the finer points of translation It is his personal statement about how he finds the New Testament to have, as he says, the ring of truth about it In part, this truth is external Phillips spends some of the time telling the reader why he thinks the New Testament was written where and when Christians have mostly believed it was If this is confusing, remember that some scholars think it was written much later than has been traditionally believed.The truth of which he speaks is also internal That is, he is keen to tell the reader the ways in which the good news about Jesus has penetrated deep into his heart as he has translated the gospels and the letters which make up the New Testament This is perhaps where he is at his best, because his years of close engagement with the original texts has forced him to pay really close attention to what the words say, and to ponder their meaning as he searches for a way to put it in modern English In than one place he hints that his work of translation left him a profoundly changed man, deeply convinced of the historical and spiritual truth of what is written in the Bible.The book is very short and I read it on the train, going to and from work, in three or four days It is very easy to read, although here and there it does sound a bit old fashioned But for all that it is very fresh, and a picture emerges of a Bible that is unlike any other ancient text Phillips was a classicist and knew many , and a translator who sought to bring the New Testament into the modern age, and found himself drawn back into the Bible. Excellent understanding of the Christian message A Translator S TestimonyJB Phillips Says I Have Felt Compelled To Write This Book IT Is My Testimony To The Historicity And Reliability Of The New Testament Few People Have Had Such A Close And Constant Contact With The New Testament As I Have Had Even Fewer Have Taken The Trouble To Understand The Business Of Communication I Say This In No Spirit Of Conceit It Is A Matter Of Simple Fact I Therefore Felt That It Was High Time That Someone, Who Has Spent The Best Years Of His Life In Studying Both The New Testament And Good Modern Communicative English, Spoke Out I Do Not Care A Rap What The Avant Garde Scholars Say I Do Very Much Care What God Says And Does From The Forward, RING OF TRUTH

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ring of Truth book, this is one of the most wanted J. B. Phillips author readers around the world.

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