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Green Wizardry This book was useful as a framework but in terms of the actual skills however I feel confident i already knew much of what he was talking about The part i benefitted most from was his identification of three strands of thinking or styles of appropriate technology from the 1970s etc i d never seen that before and it s helped to develop my thinking about what approaches to take with my own urban homesteading whilst keeping the other foot in the real world and the cash economy You have to balance what appeals to your sensibilities with what is suitable for the socio economic conditions I suppose i prefer down home funk as i m generally pessimistic regarding how technology can diminish rather than extend human beings potential However going for the Retrofit style might be realistic, even if what i m trying to retrofit to might be shifting substantially in the years ahead New Alchemy is closest to the current technophile zeitgeist so doing projects along those lines might cross subsidise the other two. Excellent introduction to the necessary rethink of our survival tactics as the industrial world we have grown up with disappears, the supply chain breaks down and the consumer grid we are trapped in becomes a prison. A really helpful guide to LESS as a way of surviving the times ahead To find out what LESS stands for, you will have to read the book. Very nice and just as i expected I would reccomend to all that this is a very reliable Retailer Thanks. Very much a high level overview of what might be required to live in a non electronic semiconductor post industrial age Good as a starting point read TheArchDruidReport on the web for updated thinking Not everybodies cup of herb tea, but thought provoking. Merlin, Gandalf, Voldemortthese Well Known Sorcerers From Popular Culture Are Famed For Their Amazing Spells And Spectacular Magical Powers In Ancient Times, However, A Wizard Was Actually A Freelance Intellectual Whose Main Stock In Trade Was Good Advice, Supported By A Thorough Education In Agriculture, Navigation, Political And Military Science, Languages, Commerce, Mathematics, Medicine, And The Natural Sciencesin Essence, The True Renaissance ManJohn Michael Greer Proposes A Modern Mage For Uncertain Times One Who Possesses A Startling Array Of Practical Skills Gleaned From The Appropriate Tech And Organic Gardening Movements Forged In The Energy Crisis Of The S From The Basic Concepts Of Ecology To A Plethora Of Practical Techniques Such As Composting, Green Manure, Low Tech Food Preservation And Storage, Small Scale Chicken And Rabbit Raising, Solar Water Heating, Alternative Energy Sources, And , Green Wizardry Is A Comprehensive Manual For Today S Wizard In TrainingProviding A Solid Practical Introduction To The Entire Appropriate Tech Toolkit, This Book Is A Must Read For Anyone Concerned About Decreasing Our Dependence On An Overloaded Industrial System And, In A World Of Serious Energy Shortages And Economic Troubles, Making Life A Great Deal Less Traumatic And LivableJohn Michael Greer Is A Scholar Of Ecological History And An Internationally Renowned Peak Oil Theorist Whose Blog The Archdruid Report Has Become One Of The Most Widely Cited Online Resources Dealing With The Future Of Industrial Society He Is The Author Of Than Thirty Books, Including The Wealth Of Nature And The Long Descent

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