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Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed In The United States, And Traditional Energy Sources Can Be As Damaging To The Environment As They Are To Your Pocketbook The Homeowner S Guide To Renewable Energy Will Show You How To Slash Your Home Energy Costs While Dramatically Reducing Your Carbon FootprintCompletely Revised And Updated, This New Edition Describes The Most Practical And Affordable Methods For Making Significant Improvements In Home Energy Efficiency And Tapping Into Clean, Affordable, Renewable Energy Resources If Implemented, These Measures Will Save The Average Homeowner Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Over The Coming DecadesFocusing On The Latest Technological Advances In Residential Renewable Energy, This Guide Examines Each Alternative Energy Option Available Including Solar Hot Water And Solar Hot Air SystemsPassive And Active Solar Retrofits For Heating And CoolingElectricity From Solar, Wind, And MicrohydroHydrogen, Fuel Cells, Methane Digesters, And BiodieselThis Well Illustrated And Accessible Guide Is An Essential Resource For Those Wanting To Enter The Renewable Energy Field Packed With Practical Tips And Guidelines, It Gives Readers Sufficient Knowledge To Hire And Communicate Effectively With Contractors And Is A Must Read For Anyone Interested In Saving Money And Achieving Energy IndependenceDan Chiras Is The Author Of Twenty Nine Books On Residential Renewable Energy And Green Building And The Director Of The Evergreen Institute S Center For Renewable Energy And Green Building, Where He Teaches Workshops On Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, And Green Building

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    gift good purchase

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    It s an okay book with some interesting articles, but it s predominently aimed at the North American market If you,re looking for renewable energy resources in the UK and Europe, then there are better books available, so shop around.

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    After considering many books regarding alternative energy I chose this because, unlike many others, it was not filled with scientific jargon just very useful and clear information.

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    I found this book to be satisfying that the author s popular book, The Solar House Of course, they aren t functional substitutes for each other This book goes deeper into renewable energy systems available to address the energy needs of residential buildings and related topics I appreciate his discussion on conserva

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    The book is well thought out and the author makes the explanations easy to understand Although not the most exciting subject matter I ve ever read, I am learning a lot and becoming excited about using these energies I love the book

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    This book isn t going to be your bible to getting off grid , but it is a fantastic introduction to anyone who isn t already very well read on the subject.I m a civil engineer with a quite a lot of experience in housebuilding renovation and a healthy interest in renewables, but this book was still well worth reading for me.You don t need

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    Great book

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    This is a good book for people who want a better understanding of what can be achieved using renewable energy in a residential application It only gets 4 stars from me because the author gets a bit preachy at times about his opinions on fossil fuels and future scarcity, high price, etc He does practice what he preaches and uses personal examples in much of

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