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The The Adventure of polo the Bear: a story of climate change Information On Climate Change And Global Warming Is Often Overwhelming And Confusing This Funny Adventure Comic Will Take Readers Aged And Above On A Global Journey Of Discovery That Will Help Them Understand The Causes And Effects Of Climate Change Around The World, What People Are Doing About It, And How Each One Of Us Can Make A Difference This Educational Graphic Novel For Kids Is Also For Attentive Parents, Creative Teachers And Anyone Who Is Concerned About Climate Change And Wants To Learn By Reading A Fiction Story That Is Visually Stimulating, Fun To Read And Scientifically Accurate Polo The Bear And The Many Colourful Characters He Meets On His Journey Will Introduce You To Interesting Climate Change Facts And Not Only Teach You What The Main Terms And Concepts Of Climate Change Actually Mean And How These Are Reflected Around The World, But Also Several Things Everyone Can Do Every Dayto Help Reduce The Effects Of Climate Change This Comic Will Teach You The Main Causes Of Man Made Climate Change And Some Of Its Main Effects Across The Globe On Natural Ecosystems And Human Societies Some Of The Ways In Which Diverse Human Groups All Over The World Are Learning To Adapt To Climate Change How YOU Can Make A Difference By Adopting A Few Simple Sustainable Lifestyle Changes In Your Day To Day Life The Comic Will Also Make You Laugh And Discover Remote Parts Of The World Through Detailed, Colourful Cartoons Designed To Make Learning About A Complex Subject Easy And Fun If You Are Looking For A Clear Explanation Of The Confusing And Scary Subject Of Climate Change That Fills The News Every Day, Here Is A Way You Can Do It And Have Fun At The Same Time Join Polo The Bear On His Epic Journey By Buying The Book

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    I love comics I am very passionate about climate change And here we have this wonderful combination Now this is no flimsy comic, it is eighty seven fact filled pages, at the end of which I had learned so much about the devastating effects of climate change and how it affects everyone all around the world.What I particularly liked is the use of touches of humor that

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    This is an amazing book about climate change Shows the changes and effect that are occuring in different parts of the world and in some cases the solution they are doing There are many solutions. but if everyone did s5 least 3 then it would.have a small impactClimate change is importantClimate change need to happen now Support climate change Everyone on board..needs the

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    This says it s aimed at secondary school students but should be required reading for politicians and decision makers at every level.So enjoyed this book Charming characterisations and great drawing help introduce the myriad of oft unrecognised ways in which we are contributing to the climate chaos we face And the journey brings out the many many ways it is impacting lives.Ju

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    A friend of mine recommended to take a look at this comics book and I fell in love with adorable Polar the Bear and his story It is very well written and drawn The story touches lots of aspects of climate change in a simple language and humorist way I love these footnotes almost on every page, which refers to the actual study I believe this kind of book can change the minds of t

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    This is a comic book, but it is so much than that The author uses a polar bear to raise awareness for climate change All ages can learn something from this book and are even given some ideas that all of us can use to help with climate change The illustrations and the story line are fun, but they are also an important way for all to see what climate change is doing to the world we l

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    I love comic book novels in the tradition of Tintin, and Alan Hesse s POLO the Bear comic is as adventurous and fast paced as those classic comic books Polo tells the story of a polar bear from Greenland who floats out to sea on an piece of ice, and in his adventures passes through dozens of countries and meets the local people who are each dealing with their own problems related to cli

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    I ve been working on climate change issues since about 2003 The topic is challenging, confusing, and often upsetting Yet we need to raise kids today who understand the challenges they will live with for the rest of their lives both as a set of chronic, developing problems and a shifting, critical set of solutions Alan Hesse has written a book I have shared with my son and other children abo

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    I really like these comics I think this book series is doing a very important job, informing about what is happening in the world regarding climate change and related social issues It is quite amazing the amount of information that is told without getting boring or confusing It has good rhythm and balance, it is very entertaining I really love the style of the drawings They are so efficient, so

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