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Star Wars - The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force This Ancient Training Manual, Crafted By Early Jedi Masters, Has Educated And Enlightened Generations Of Jedi It Explains The History And Hierarchy Of The Jedi Order, And What Jedi Must Know To Take Their Place As Defenders Of The Peace In The Galaxy From Mastery Of The Force To The Nuances Of Lightsaber Combat A Single Copy Of This Manual Has Survived It Is Now Passed On To You

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    This little book is nicely presented especially in hardback and is entertaining to read It s written as if the contents were real that is, it s an in universe narrative designed as if the reader is learning the secrets of the Jedi The idea is that by reading this book so you ll better understand how to be a Jedi and, in this imaginative way, this book is a lot of

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    Coming in a beautiful cloth bound cover and styling a really nice page layout with nice thick pages, this book is a thing of beauty You ll feel like a true Jedi Padawan reading this book The inscriptions from previous owners is a wonderful touch and is very immersive, with references to lore and you can trace the views of different characters throughout the pages and see

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    Goes into fine detail about the life of a Jedi, from Initiate to Jedi Master Informatively describes and outlines many things such as the differences between a Jedi Guardian and a Jedi Consular, the Jedi Trials, the origins of the Jedi and the different forms of lightsaber combat.The book also touches upon things like space craft, alien species and the dark side of The Force, all

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    A great book for any star wars fan like my brother who absolutely loves Star wars I have to say that I m bit disappointed as I thought it would come in a tin box That s one of the reasons I bought this book as it looks cool I have to look for a nice box for the book to go in as it s a birthday present for my brother

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    This is a hardback book about the size of a large personal diary of about 160 pages The contents are divide into a number of categories such as history force abilities and jedi fighting styles and many If for example you wanted to know the difference between the different fighting styles used in the films TV shows or comics this is the book you need Most pages have an illustration mostly in colour

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    A wonderful item for a collector, it s beautifully bound and is presented very well The fear with products like these is that they ll look cheap and nasty but this book looks beautiful The contents also make for great reading, giving insights into the jedi their beliefs and ways Another great feature is the notes taken by jedi and sith yoda, anakin skywalker, luke skywalker and darth sidious

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    This book is fun for would be Jedi of all ages A little on the Sith and the Grey Jedi would have been nice, but then again this is meant to be a handbook for followers of the pure Jedi Orders those goody two shoes A perfect gift for the Star Wars buff.

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    Parts are fascinating, others tedious but of is down to personal preference I find the history of the order, the explanation of the service corps really interesting but the lightsabre forms so boring Give it a go.

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