Exam Success: Inspection and Testing 2394 and 2395 Epub

Exam Success: Inspection and Testing 2394 and 2395 This Book is a must for anyone taking their 2394 5 exams along side your GN3 book.It explains clearly how to set your answers out in the written exams which i found worked very well for myself. Helped me alot when doing my 2395 6 Very thorough revision Has an example for each test and advises how to approach each answer, with expert advice Answers included at rear of each part Very clear too. Really helpful Excellent came in handy for the 2394 but by then i learned it all never used it for the 2395 at all It s worth having if your taking these 2 courses if your lecturers are sloppy. Greay reading for exam This book guides students and practicing electrical installers through the technical C G exam It will re inforce practical learning and understanding of the course, provides learners with focussed exam practice, answers candidates most frequently asked questions and offers practical advice and expert tips on sitting the exam

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