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Living Bible, The Winner Of The First Ever Quadruple Diamond Award From ECPA Celebrating 40 Years And Over 40 Million Lives Touched, Tyndale Is Releasing The Familiar Green Hardcover Binding Of The Living Bible With A Fresh New Interior Features Include A Bible Reading Plan, Four Color Maps, And A Topical Concordance The Uncluttered, 2 Column Format Makes For Easy Reading The Living Bible Is A Paraphrase Of The Old And New Testaments Its Purpose Is To Say As Exactly As Possible What The Writers Of The Scriptures Meant, And To Say It Simply, Expanding Where Necessary For A Clear Understanding By The Modern Reader. This is a lovely book on a par with the Good News Bible but with fewer vices It is a paraphrase, ie the author has taken a verse and given the overall meaning rather than a word for word translation It is probably suitable for the young or verbally challenged and for that reason should not be used for study or to argue a point of doctrine There are helpful notes at the bottom of some pages too This book is not easy to find in the UK and may become even less so with the introduction of the New Living Translation now in its 2nd edition The NLT is a gender inclusive translation but the TLB is not specifically so I think it is a great shame that so many experts have critisized this book Whilst there are one or two errors these should not detract from its overall usability It is a book intended for use with a literal translation not instead of it If there are errors in the translation it is not by design but a genuine error, which is than can be said for some modern versions Bear in mind too that this is a paraphrase of the American Standard version, with reference to the King James Version, not a translation from the Hebrew Greek In some ways it is better than the NLT2 and I notice it does seem to have been reprinted You will find diagrams of the different temples and also maps all in black and white, but of a clear and helpful kind If I hadn t found this book in the 1970 s I would never have been called by God I love this book and will always treasure it. A really good clean condition copy, better than the picture.A great buy for a good copy.Contents the same, an olive green hardcover.Bought for a gift.An easier read as a paraphrase,in normal language than regular Bibles.Useful to have a scholarly verified version as well, to clarify any important parts when studying or needing to check the meaning.Translations so difficult from original text into English.Good value arrived quickly.My friend had just bought the K.J.Version,so hopefully helpful to have this, easier read, in a modern edition to check meaning of older words now altered in meaning, from time to time.Arrived as described.Helped me buy other useful books to pass on to others Arrived in a thick plastic bag. I love it because the contents are written in language I understand It is a transliteration rather than a word for word translation so the thoughts, the text, the ideas expressed are taken as a whole and then presented in language and expressions I find easy to understand rather than the stilted direct translations I recommend it to anyone wanting to know what the Bible is all about If then you want to know whether the Living Bible s text is different in any material sense then you can check it out in any approved translation from the King James Authorised version through to the Revised Standard version to the Good News version and the New International version You will find that although the words may be different you actually understand what the Bible is getting at This leads to true enlightenment and love of the Word of God.

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