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The Hermeneutical Spiral The kindle version of this book has page numbers, unlike most kindle books, which only have location numbers That s a big problem if you ever want to cite the text So, page numbers are a plus, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind If you read this book on your PC, page numbers appear at the bottom of the screen That number may not be the page number of the quotation you want to cite In order to find the correct page number, you have to highlight the quotation and then check the notation made by the kindle program.If you re reading it on your kindle, if you press menu , the page number will appear on the bottom of the screen Same as above You have to highlight the passage and check it in kindle notes in order to get the correct page number.This method seems to be working for this book, but I d get a hard copy and double check before ever citing it in any important research.Please, before purchasing your books on kindle, be aware that most kindle books have no references to page numbers at all I purchased all my books for school in kindle format this semester and am seriously considering buying hard copies Professors want to be able to easily find your citations and they can t find a kindle location unless they have a kindle and that particular book Please find out what your school thinks about this issue before making the same mistake I did. Recipient Of A Christianity Today Critics Choice AwardIn This Newly Revised And Expanded Edition, Grant Osborne Provides Seminary Students And Working Pastors With The Full Set Of Tools They Need To Move From Sound Exegesis To The Development Of Biblical And Systematic Theologies And To The Preparation Of Sound, Biblical Sermons Osborne Contends That Hermeneutics Is A Spiral From Text To Context A Movement Between The Horizon Of The Text And The Horizon Of The Reader That Spirals Nearer And Nearer Toward The Intended Meaning Of The Text And Its Significance For Today Well Established As The Standard Evangelical Work In The Field Since Its First Publication In , The Hermeneutical Spiral Has Been Updated To Meet The Needs Of A New Generation Of Students And Pastors General Revisions Have Been Made Throughout, New Chapters Have Been Added On Old Testament Law And The Use Of The Old Testament In The New, And The Bibliography Has Been Thoroughly Updated A Christianity Today Critics Choice Award Winner In Theology And Biblical Studies Osborne seeks to produce a text that grammatically explores the words of Scripture Focusing on the field of hermeneutical interpretation, he approaches theory of language, words, and communication.At times the book seems dense and monotonous I myself can only read about grammar for so many pages I could rarely read than 40, 50 pages in one sitting because of the density surrounding Osborne s thoughts and ideas communicated.That being said, however, the book itself is organized, straightforward, and impressive Students seeking to understanding grammatical theory especially the grammatical cultural theory of Scripture will be pleased with this one. Well established as the standard evangelical work in the field of biblical hermeneutics since first being published in 1991, The Hermeneutical Spiral A Comprehensive Introduction to Biblical Interpretation by Grant R Osborne has been revised and expanded to meet the changing needs of the next generation New chapters on the Old Testament law and use of the Old Testament in the New have been added, and general revisions have been undertaken throughout the volume While the original work was well situated to provide the reader with a longstanding example of usefulness in its presentation, this revised and expanded edition proves itself to be a much refined demonstration of scholarly and practical engagement with the biblical text.The Hermeneutical Spiral is a massive volume boasting over 600 pages Osborne appropriately begins the investigation with an introduction to situate the reader for the task ahead It is here that Osborne rightly understands the task of hermeneutics as the means of accomplishing an ecclesiastical end For Osborne, the final goal of hermeneutics is not systematic theology but the sermon The actual purpose of Scripture is not explanation but exposition, not description but proclamation p 29 This proves to be than a mere statement of conviction for Osborne, as the outline of the book will effectively bring the reader from the examination of the biblical text in their original languages to the homiletical execution of a Sunday morning sermon.As The Hermeneutical Spiral unfolds, Osborne helpfully directs the attention of the reader to the biblical text It is here that the reader is introduced to the importance of context, grammar, semantics, syntax, and historical and cultural backgrounds This section is imperative to the task of biblical hermeneutics and Osborne does an excellent job at guiding the reader through each A high point from this section was Osborne s discussion on semantic fallacies, including the root fallacy, misuse of etymology, the one meaning fallacy, and much The careful reader will know and understand the importance of this section well, as most modern pulpit crimes are the result of semantic negligence and the proclamation of semantic fallacies.Next, Osborne directs the attention of the reader towards an analysis of the various biblical genres For Osborne, Genre functions as a valuable link between the text and the reader p 182 It is here that the hermeneutical groundwork that was laid in the prior section is applied to specific types of literature Old Testament Law, Narrative, Poetry, Wisdom, Prophecy, Apocalyptic, Parable, and Epistle This section also concludes with a helpful chapter on the use of the Old Testament in the New A high point in this section was Osborne s discussion surrounding the genre of biblical narrative Specifically, the various aspects use to study biblical narrative source, form, redaction, and narrative criticism The latter being among the most helpful.Lastly, Osborne appropriately closes the volume with a section dedicated to the application of the hermeneutical investigation undertaken in the previous sections It is here that the reader is able to identify and interact with three applicationary aspects of biblical exegesis biblical theology, systematic theology, and homiletics Each of the three applications are discussed in detail, and the connection to the previous sections is unmistakable However, the clear high point of this section was Osborne s interaction and application of hermeneutics to the task of homiletics both contextualization and sermon delivery Osborne effectively lands the plane after a 600 page round trip flight from biblical text to target audience.The Hermeneutical Spiral A Comprehensive Introduction to Biblical Interpretation by Grant R Osborne is a massive volume that leaves no hermeneutical stone unturned Osborne recognizes the task of hermeneutics as the primary means of a homiletical end and rightly equips the reader to function out of this recognition In other words, as the reader continues to move between text and context on the hermeneutical spiral, sound exegesis brings the reader closer and closer to the intended meaning of the text and its significance for today While The Hermeneutical Spiral is likely detailed than the average reader is looking to digest, Osborne has provided a volume that cannot be overlooked by any serious Student of the Bible, especially that of the Pastor or Teacher.I received a review copy of this book in exchange for and honest review I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Other reviewers have described the content of the book better than I but I d like to add some personal thoughts First off, I am merely a Christian layman who is always looking to improve my Biblical study methods and with that in mind, this book does a very good job helping me Hermeneutics sounds intimidating but it is just the theory and methodology of interpetation In this case, interpretation of Biblical text This book came highly recommended to me by several Christian scholars and I now realize why it comes so highly recommended It not only is good as an introduction to Biblical hermeneutics for the layman like me, it is also good for the seminary student as well in fact this book is used at many Christian seminaries Don t be intimidated by the title It is a wonderfully helpful textbook written in an easy to understand style and in a manner designed to teach.If you are one who wishes to improve one s Bible studies, this is definitely a book to read as an aid.

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