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Tanakh (Pocket) Read Our Customer GuideNow, For The First Time, A Pocket Version Of The JPS Hebrew English TANAKH Is Available, With The Same Text And Number Of Pages As The Standard Edition Although Smaller, The Letters, Hebrew Vowels, And Cantillation Marks Are Crisp And Clear Fitting Easily Into A Backpack Or Briefcase, This Pocket Edition Will Appeal To Students And Others Who Need A Lightweight, Compact Version Of The Popular JPS Hebrew English Bible The Sturdy Coated Paper Cover, Embossed In Black With Gold Lettering, Will Stand Up Well, Even With Heavy Use

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    I ll be very honest here, the font is extremely small but that s not the problem Since it has been translated by the JPS, they could have done a better job translating it The newer version of this Tanakh has a much improved translation Let me give example In Gen6 the SONS of God are translated as Divine Beings.My recommendation instead of this Tanak

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    Thank you thank you just what i want im verg blessed and happy with my bible thank you so its perfect to go with my everywhere on my travels

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    Heavy and fat Compact edition useful for travel perhaps, but if I wanted to study the Tanakh for any length of time in one sitting, I wouldn t use this edition, Hebrew a little small.

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    As with previous reviews, this is a small handbag book and hence the Hebrew writing is quite small I think, if you are fluent this won t be an issue, but if you aren t and you need to really concentrate, you couldn t use it for too long, or you d get eye strain But as it s also in English, I found this easier to read.

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    In attempting to learn Biblical Hebrew one has found that the JPS is a good translationfor the English not surprisingly being the Jewish Publication Society There is a goodcorrelation between the English and the Hebrew text per verse In addition to this,the verse numbering for some Hebrew texts are different to English Bible verse numbering.In respect of the latter the JPS

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    Some time ago, I purchased the larger version of this book, but found it was just to large to bring anywhere.So I bought this small pocket version.It is the same high quality as the larger version, it is the same book but with smaller print.Some might find the print too small, but I had no such issues, the Hebrew print though is a little too small.But its as good as the larger ve

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    Please read Kurt s review below for detail, but whilst the Tenach is a great treasure, I was a little disappointed by the small size of the Hebrew font just over 1mm for the size of the book 4.5 cm thick,x c.10 x 15 cm , which for a novice is quite hard going, esp for vowels It looks roughly font size 10 for a Hebrew font on Word too small for comfortable prolonged reading, especially

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    I would recommend this text to any reader who wishes to study any of the texts within.

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