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The Way to Rainy Mountain The Way To Rainy Mountain Recalls The Journey Of Tai Me, The Sacred Sun Dance Doll, And Of Tai Mes People In Three Unique Voices The Legendary, The Historical, And The Contemporary It Is Also The Personal Journey Of N Scott Momaday, Who On Pilgrimage To The Grave Of His Kiowa Grandmother, Traversed The Same Route Taken By His Forebears And In So Doing Confronted His Kiowa Heritage This is not really a typical novel or book, and may be a little abstract for some readers, but if you are interested in Native American mythology, this is an interesting book to read I highly recommend it One thing to understand before reading this book is that it is narrated in three voices easily distinguished from each other because they are separated into paragraphs T I see this book s project as the preservation of some of the oral tradition i.e mythology that the Kiowas have handed down for generations I also think this book is intended as an explainer a translation, even, from Kiowa to White People In providing the three voices, we have a kind of Rosetta Stone to help navigate the three spaces.Since this work includes traditional, historical and personal segments, each supporting the rest, it is, by definition, a hybrid discourse It takes into account the voices of both academic and non academics, and blends them in a way that purely intellectual examination of these stories would not We are given a much complete work, this way. Here s the deal Most folks in the nation make up the dominant population Other groups of folks may think differently about things The Native Americans often think about things quite differently, and have values that are divergent from the mainstream The book uses the thinking of the native author, from the perspective of a Native American First peoples in Canada to describe memories and feelings of himself and some of his family He also uses the discontinuous narrative style of a society that speaks in parables and examples, leaving the listener to put together the story Often, because they feel it presumptuous and ill mannered to lead the listener into the narrative by the hand and insinuate by doing this that the listener is unable to make his or her own decisions.Western literature style is to put in all the connecting elements because the readers may not be able to figure it out otherwise In reality, if you are born in a culture that speaks in a certain way, you learn to understand things in that way That s why Shakesphere s English is hard for many people to understand at first, it works differently than the way we speak now It requires introspection and internal context After awhile, avid Shakespeare lovers get it.This is said because it is not a book written in a narrative style familiar to many people it is a journey to Rainy Mountain, and you are supposed to figure it out just as the author did Regardless, it is poetic, and a beautiful book that tells of a different culture and guides you along a way of thinking that is far removed from the narrative of life that one receives from the mainstream media and a material centered society. Each brief Kiowa tale is told three ways the traditional tale as told by his father, then as by a historian, and third by the author as his living experience of nature Unique and delicately wrought

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Way to Rainy Mountain book, this is one of the most wanted N. Scott Momaday author readers around the world.

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