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Feng Shui Principles for Building and Remodeling: Creating a Space That Meets Your Needs and Promotes Well-being Incorporate Feng Shui Into Your Building And Remodeling Projects To Create Balance And Happiness In Your Life Do You Long For A Home That Truly Reflects And Supports Your Goals, Lifestyle, And Relationships Following The Principles Of Feng Shui, The Ancient Chinese Art Of Designing Spaces To Improve Quality Of Life, You Can Transform Any House Into A Home That Accommodates The Way You Live And Fulfills Your Deepest Personal Needs Feng Shui Principles For Building And Remodeling Helps You Minimize Environmental Stress, Optimize Comfort, And Promote Healthy Relationships Without Adding A Penny To Building Or Remodeling Costs Inside You Ll Find Feng Shui Principles That Apply To Any Style Of Architecture Or Decorating Than Striking, Idea Filled Floor Plans Helpful Questionnaires For Pinpointing Your Needs And Preferences Expert Guidance In Using Material, Aroma, And Sound To Enhance Your Environment Money Saving Tips On How To Optimize Your Use Of Space And, Focused Advice For Families, Singles, Empty Nesters, And Group Living

6 thoughts on “Feng Shui Principles for Building and Remodeling: Creating a Space That Meets Your Needs and Promotes Well-being

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    I remember that I had to wait a good couple of weeks for this one I study Architecture and I was affraid the book would me spiritual than I d like it to be but actually they have properly argumented advice on how to position things, to redecorate and so on I would recommend it to anyone as I already made a few changes in my home by the book that actually impr

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    I bought this when I decided to go after my architectural engineering degree, thought it would be a good thing to also know a few things about interior design This book did not fail me when I needed it and would totally recommend it Fast, and flawless shipping as always by

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    I am going to build muy custom house and I want to do it according to the Feng Shui I was expecting to find many Feng Shui floor plans sampleswell let me tell you that not, it has not many Feng Shui floor plans, such a few, and most of them do not match what the book says I mean that most of the foor plans are not according to Feng Shui bagua grid occidental , i.e bathr

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    Truly enjoyed this book I have referred to it at various times when making changes in my home VeryLogical and easy to apply the principles to everyday living.

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    Of all of the books and magazines I ve read on decorating and remodeling, this is the first to articulate the reasons why thoughtfully and deliberately designing our homes is not merely an indulgence in our material desires rather, it is essential to our very health and well being The book gave me the language I d lacked to express and support my family s values through the struc

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    As a registered interior designer and certified Feng Shui professional, I found this book to be an interesting read It will help designers and architects, as well as homeowners, analyze space and make informed decisions as to build or remodel The charts are easy to follow and right on point This book is filled with illustrations that are wonderful in demonstrating the ideas being pres

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