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An Introduction to New Testament Christology The Leading US Catholic Scholar On The Bible Explores The Identity Of Jesus In The New Testament

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    Always a good author to give time to

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    The works of Raymond Brown never fail to be insightful Here, as always, he manages to shed light on early understandings of Jesus, and he even hazards a shot at suggesting what Jesus may have believed about himself Brown introduces the work by claiming, I am not writing

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    I wonder if the Catholic Church fully understands what a loss to ecumenical scripture scholarshipRaymond E Brown s death means Raymond E.Brown was a very holy man and priest and one of the greatestbiblical scholars the Catholic Church has had His contributions have not been unive

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    Dr Father R Brown is a gifted writer who has the talent to bring complicated academic thoughts down to Layman understanding The book asks and gives answer to the question that faces any person of Christian Faith It s the same question that Jesus asked Peter, Who do you say I am As a study

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    He has given me a lot to add to the reading of the bible It is not an easy read, but will be putting on the stack to read again after I finish another course on history of faith.

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    This little book is remarkable I spent a month with it It is a compact, scholarly, and informative introduction to a very important and complex subject Father Brown apologizes neither for his faith nor for the generally unblinking, critical scholarship he applies to to his subject This book is a treasure for

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