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Poet and Peasant: Literary-cultural Approach to the Parables in Luke If you had thought that you already knew the meaning of the parables that Jesus told, then this s the first choice to read It will present you the same story through the eyes of a first century people The black word on white paper may become colourful words of God Scholarly but not exactly a good read. This Volume Is A Combined Edition Of Poet And Peasant And Through Peasant Eyes, Kenneth Bailey S Intensive Studies Of The Parables In The Gospel Of Luke Bailey Begins By Surveying The Development Of Allegorical, Historical Eschatological, Aesthetic, And Existential Methods Of Interpretation Though Figures Like Julicher, Jeremias, Dodd, Jones, And Via Have Made Important Advances, Bailey Sees The Need To Go Beyond Them By Combining An Examination Of The Poetic Structures Of The Parables With A Better Understanding Of The Oriental Culture That Informs The Text Bailey S Work Within Middle Eastern Peasant Culture Over The Last Twenty Years Has Helped Him In His Attempt To Determine The Cultural Assumptions That The Teller Of The Parables Must Have Made About His Audience The Same Values Which Underlay The Impact Of The Parables In Christ S Time, Bailey Suggests, Can Be Discovered Today In Isolated Peasant Communities In Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, And Iraq Because Time Has Made Almost No Impact In These Cultural Pockets, It Is Possible To Discern, For Example, What It Meant , Years Ago For A Friend To Come Calling At Midnight, Or For A Son To Ask For His Inheritance Prior To His Father S Death In Addition To Illuminating The Cultural Framework Of The Parables, Bailey Offers An Analysis Of Their Literary Structure, Treating The Parabolic Section As A Whole As Well As Its Individual Components Through Its Combination Of Literary And Cultural Analyses, Bailey S Study Makes A Number Of Profound Advances In Parabolic Interpretation New light on a number of parables Fascinating reading, and good sermon material too. An excellent and very thought provoking approach to the parables that is rooted in the landscape and culture of Palestine There are many, many insights into the world and expectations of the original audience, as well as several contemporary resonances It is both readable and a useful reference book. More academic than other books by Ken Bailey. Anybody who really wants to understand the parables is advised to read this book Firmly rooted in the academic tradition, yet with the insight having actually lived in a culture close to that in which Jesus himself taught, Kenneth Bailey rolls back misunderstandings and lets the original words and ideas shine out A book to change academic understanding and also to transform lives. Kenneth Bailey explains the 1st Century Jewish Community and the spiritual messages of the Parables in a very understandable way This is a great book for both the lay person and the Minister Personally, I have permission from my Minister to perform bible study classes and this book will be the focus of the parables. Full of very helpful insights into the parables by someone who lives in the middle east and has studied the background Great book Arrived quickly Can t say than that.

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