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1 & 2 Kings (New International Biblical Commentary: Old Testament) This is a Bible commentary so it is not a book to be read like a novel The scriptures I have looked up in it were helpful It is not an exhausted treatment of scripture but one for quick study.I feel it is a good addition to a Bible study library. The Understanding The Bible Commentary Series Helps Any Reader Navigate The Strange And Sometimes Intimidating Literary Terrain Of The Bible These Accessible Volumes Break Down The Barriers Between The Ancient And Modern Worlds So That The Power And Meaning Of The Biblical Texts Become Transparent To Contemporary Readers The Contributors Tackle The Task Of Interpretation Using The Full Range Of Critical Methodologies And Practices, Yet They Do So As People Of Faith Who Hold The Text In The Highest Regard Pastors, Teachers, And Lay People Alike Will Cherish The Easily Understandable Truth Found In This Commentary Series I compared Provan to the NAC commentary by House and the EBC commentary by Patterson and Austel.I was looking for sensitivity to the theological message of the stories in Kings, and Provan really shines He is much better at it than the others You really feel like Provan can show you the glory and sovereignty of the God of Israel, which of course is what the stories in Kings intend to show Imagine that, a commentary that actually exposes the theological intent of the passage The other two commentaries are often lost in the human details while the passage is painting a compelling picture of a mind boggling God.Provan s applications are well done Not all applications are created equal But Provan s are truly insightful For example, God destroyed the dynasties of Jereboam I and Baasha quickly but allowed the dynasty of Omri to last a hundred years Why Why would God punish Jereboam I and Baasha so quickly and let men like Ahab and company live for so long Provan answers that God was planning on confronting men like Ahab with men like Elijah In other words, letting Ahab live so long is part of God s long term plan of triumphing over evil Then comes Provan s application to our day We should never confuse God s long term planning with an unwillingness or inability to communicate and to act in human history Prophets will eventually speak, and the prophetic word will always come to pass e.g., John 1 19 28 6 1 15 Acts 3 17 26 2 Pet 3 3 13 Rev 22 7 20 God s silences are not long when seen in the context of eternity God s inactivity is really patience in disguise p 130 What a great reminder to not fear simply because wicked men are on the rise in our day Wicked men are part of God s plan They are on God s leash and can go no further than He allows.Provan is also well written He writes great theological reflections in simple language Ah, a breath of fresh air He also often has to say than the other two I kept expecting him to be briefer, and he was actually fuller He also makes good use of his space limitations Everything I read was carefully written and held meaning.There are good things, but these are some of the significant ones Get Provan on Kings If you are studying 1 Kingsget this It captures the history as well as the theologically intent of the book very well. Worthwhile read for working through the Kings It s one of my top 3 books on Kings. This book was very useful as part of my Reader training in the Church of England It was recommended reading. Ian W Provan, the Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies at Regent College, has given us a treasure by writing this extremely helpful expositional commentary on 1 for example, he gives a helpful overview about the Assyrian and Aramean empires, which aids readers in gaining a contextual understanding of many events in 2 Kings Besides providing very complete expositions of each chapter in 1 2 Kings and explaining important issues in the biblical passages, Provan includes excellent additional notes at the end of each chapter which explains key phrases, persons, or places mentioned in 1 2 Kings Another helpful feature are the excurses which focusses on the historical significance of important biblical men such as King Solomon, Elijah, and Elisha in the canonical context This is a top notch commentary on 1 2 Kings Tremper Longman III gives this commentary 5 stars highest rating in his 5th edition of the Old Testament Commentary Survey I completely agree This commentary is my favorite 1 2 Kings commentary alongside Paul R House, 1 2 Kings New American Commentary and Robert L Hubbard, Jr 1st 2nd Kings Everyman s Bible Commentary Very highly recommended

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 1 & 2 Kings (New International Biblical Commentary: Old Testament) book, this is one of the most wanted Iain W. Provan author readers around the world.

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