Weather [With Clip-Art CD] PDF ä Weather [With

Weather [With Clip-Art CD] (DK Eyewitness Books) Good quality product. Bought this for my 5yr old grandson and he loved it Good quality. Got this for my 6 year old neighbor, who is a weather junkie Especially tornadoes, water spouts, hurricanes He loved it Hope it will continue to foster his curiosity Well written and great illustrations Price was good too. I had intended to buy the DK Eye Wonder Weather which I had checked out and liked at the library, but accidentally bought this DK Eyewitness book instead I don t need the clip art CD or poster attached in the book, but some people like that kind of thing, which is probably why the CD and poster are included with the book Most dissappointing some of the pictures of clouds and landscapes, for example, are too grainy and poor quality compared to similar pictures in Eye Wonder However, the pictures of weather instruments and some drawings are quite good quality I only wish the entire book had crisp, clear, high quality pictures The book cover seems waterproof and durable no jacket Binding seems durable, but I have not had the book long enough to test its durability The glossary and index in the back are useful I love the DK books, and this Weather book is one reading children can reference again and again, and non readers can enjoy for the colorful pictures. This was a gift for my grandson that lives on the opposite side of the country I m sure he loves it. A Very basic book with lots of pictures It s very general in its concepts you could take each concept and look up a detailed knowledge on YouTube Great to get young kids started. My son loves all books about weather This is a good addition to his collection He likes the photos and information. great book answered questions about weather and the atmosphere I always wondered about Like all of the other DK Eyewitness books, this one is great as a fairly comprehensive overview of the topic and is nicely and densely illustrated I have always loved the sort of clean and open layout of all DK books and while some tend toward cluttered this is one of those , they are still better designed than 90 percent of the books in the world DK found a cool design template and ran with it and I find it to be very comfortable and very accessible.That said, these books have a tendency to be sketchy on actual details While there is a two page spread on clouds, for example, it s not overly informative The information provided seems accurate and interesting, but if you re looking for a guide to different types of clouds, this is not it I looked up things like mammatus clouds in the index, for example, and they re not listed There are a lot of things you d think would be included that are not.But still, as an overview and as a quick outline, these books are great And they do serve a good purpose in that they expose you to a lot of information quickly, which makes it easier to find books that delve deeply into the things that interest you I bought this book used for four cents, lol, and even tough it had water damage and was missing the cd, I think I got a bargain. Photographs and text depict different aspects of weather and how it is forecast

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