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EYEWITNESS GUIDE:90 ELECTRONICS 1st Edition - Cased (Eyewitness Guides) Saw this in a library and found myself wanting to keep renewing it every 3 weeks Finally decided this is a must copy for the home library because of the scientific facts behind it One day these products and how they work will be forgotten about as newer products have been replacing them over the decades, but I still want to understand the principles behind the originals Perhaps this is for the nostalgic scientists in us Unknown Until The Mid Th Century Electronics Is An Essential Part Of Everyday Life Today This Unique Volume Brings The Fascinating Story Of Electronics Vividly To Life More Than Just An Electrically Powered Machine An Electronic Device Controls Electrons So That It Can Perform A Variety Of Complex Tasks Quickly And Efficiently A Computer Stores Information On Its Hard Drive And Microchips And Is Controlled By Microprocessors From The Bar Code Reader In The Supermarket To The Cellular Phone The Defence Satellite And The Engine Management System On Our Cars Electronics Has Revolutionised The Modern World Featuring Historic Scientific Apparatus And Ground Breaking Experiments And Inventions Electronics Is A Unique And Exciting Introduction To This Essential Part Of Modern Life

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