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Children's History of the 20th Century: Millennium Edition (DK millennium range) Exactly as it should be Good price, good condition, arrived promptly Recommended. This ia a large colorful book of articles telling what happened in different years of the 20th Century My 10 year old loves it We will go through it by reading a few articles each week to work our way through the 20th Century I think I learn something everytime I open the book As described, well packed I am using this among other things to study the 20th century with my 10 year old A picture tells a thousand words and this overview of the 20th century is comprehensive and colorful. I received a book that was advertised as new but was not and left a review stating so Within a day of leaving my review I was contacted by this company and they explained how it may have happened and offered a full refund or a replacement I was very impressed with that kind of customer service Because of this I will most definitely use them again Thank you, very impressive Super useful in homeschooling as we go through the timeline. ..Featuring than 3,500 Photograph, DK s Children s History of the 20th Century brings to life the people, Events, places, fashion, Discoveries, and popular culture that have shaped the last 100 years.Dramatic stories of special Interest to Children are told as if reported in a newspaper, and a PICTURE WITH EVERY STORY BRINGS HISTORY TO LIFE ON THE PAGE A comprehensive reference source for the millennium month by month, year by year Special features on major topics and events More than 1,700 article and features News as it happened from the book of the back cover Watch The Drama Of The Th Century Unfold In This Amazing Month By Month Reconstruction Packed With Stories Events And Images That Will Fascinate And Capture Every Child S Imagination

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