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Action Book: Discover The Titanic (Action Books) Well worth the price for the fun of putting the model together You will need some patience and some skill with paper and glue but in the end our model has been on display for years now No, it is not top notch but I would describe this product as unique. A Complete Page Book With A Separate Spectacular D Model To Make Discover The Titanic Is An Interactive Book In Which The Reader Takes On The Role Of Explorer Searching For And Locating The Wreck Visiting Different Parts Of The Ship And Recovering Objects From The Wreck To Display As Part Of An Exhibition Now if you have a youngster in your midst and they get a sudden interest in the Ship Titanic This book will help teach them the bases of what they need to know about the ship as far as the skeletal part of the knowledge base If you order it like how I have ordered it it also comes with a 3d model of the ship I have not constructed the model yet and I don t even have the space to do such a thing but if you are a teacher and a fun loving teacher this book is the right thing to get your students They will most likely have fun reading the book and putting the model together I highly recommend this book and model for 3rd 5th 6th grade readers Don t take my word for it Go and buy it This book when I got it is ripped, It does not have a titanic model, 1 5 Not what my son expected Did not think very much of this book, the DVD was not what I expected, just pictures than a 3d tour Would not recommend this book Bought this one secondhand on , so no model included It would make a good gift for an older child or young teenager interested in Titanic Lots of information included, including good colour photos I especially liked the tasks such as calculating longitude and latitude, and on how ships float The cut out pictures of Titanic are great Wish now I had bought a new copy

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