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The Gift Of Therapy: An open letter to a new generation of therapists and their patients: Reflections on Being a Therapist I m a huge fan of Irvin Yalom s writing and approached this book with highest expectations, which it has easily met The chapters are short, but comprehensive and the book is therefore easy to read when you have spare time, whether it is five minutes or an hour I ve read a couple of chapters several times and have taken from them with each read Regardless of if you have read work by Yalom before or if this is likely to be your first purchase, it is likely to be equally accessible and rewarding. This is the best of Yalom writing to and for therapists.I love his casual style, his directive no nonsense approach with his clients, and with the way he breaks all the rules that I was taught as a trainee therapist.No pussy footing around with Doc Yalom Yalom is one of the best therapists to have ever lived He s also a fantastic writer.This book, full of brief stories teaching therapeutic interventions, I d recommend to anyone working in the therapeutic field. As an executive coach I found the book interesting and complementary to some coaching approaches One particularly brilliant line in the book I ll never forget sooner or later I tell my patients that they have to give up the goal of having a better past Counsellors reading this book may find comments on approaches such as CBT interesting This book is amazingly helpful, honest and enjoyable for those who are training to be a counsellor I have yet to sit down and read it from front to back but having flicked through it for my dissertation it is full of useful, interesting information I will sit down to read throughly soon So easy to read, engaging style, full of useful advice and he doesn t shy away from the mistakes he has made either You can dip in and out and I found myself using a highlighter over and again there were so many nuggets of wisdom I wanted to return to For a student I am Level 4 training to become a professional therapist I would highly recommend this and any of his books frankly They are all brilliantly readable and accessible and USEFUL Such an amazing book Small chapter Easy read Knowledge in nutshells Exactly what you want when you have to study a million of other books for your essays. Acclaimed Author And Renowned Psychiatrist Irvin D Yalom Distills Thirty Five Years Of Psychotherapy Wisdom Into One Brilliant VolumeThe Culmination Of Master Psychiatrist Dr Irvin D Yalom S Than Thirty Five Years In Clinical Practice, The Gift Of Therapy Is A Remarkable And Essential Guidebook That Illustrates Through Real Case Studies How Patients And Therapists Alike Can Get The Most Out Of Therapy The Bestselling Author Of Love S Executioner Shares His Uniquely Fresh Approach And The Valuable Insights He Has Gained Presented As Eighty Five Personal And Provocative Tips For Beginner Therapists , Including Let The Patient Matter To You Acknowledge Your Errors Create A New Therapy For Each Patient Do Home Visits Almost Never Make Decisions For The Patient Freud Was Not Always WrongA Book Aimed At Enriching The Therapeutic Process For A New Generation Of Patients And Counsellors, Yalom S Gift Of Therapy Is An Entertaining, Informative, And Insightful Read For Anyone With An Interest In The Subject

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