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British Fossils (Shire Library) Its great Many thanks. This is an interesting and informative book Recommended for anyone who is seeking the basics. ..nice book Arrived on time fossil hunting is my passion this book gave me all the information i needed and a very good read reference book went of to whitby fossil hunting with a lot knowledge thank you. Good book,brought as gift,person loved it Very pleased Very good little book Perfect for a day on beach. The Fossil Bearing Rocks Of The British Isles Represent Life From The Last , Million Years And The UK Is Seen By Many As The Cradle Of Modern Geology Using The Geological Map Of Britain, Expert Palaeontologist Peter Doyle Offers A Comprehensive Guide To Fossils In The UK, Plotting The Main Fossil Groups Around The Country, And Relating Them To The Different Ages Of The Rock In Which They Are Found With Photographs Of The Fossils That Can Be Discovered, And Tips On How To Find Them Yourself, British Fossils Is The Perfect Companion For The Novice Fossil Hunter Or Enthusiast

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