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Samuel Morse and the Telegraph (Inventions and Discoveries) Came quickly and was a nice companion to the telegraph I also bought Daughter loved Lots of facts and good illustration. In This Compelling Graphic Novel, Follow The Amazing Life Of Samuel Morse, Who Developed A Working Telegraph In And Changed The Way People Communicated With Comic Book Style Illustrations And Engaging, Easy To Read Text, This Biography Will Inspire, Entertain, And Inform Young Readers About An Individual Who Made A Significant Contribution To Society An Additional Information Section Provides Key Facts And Further Understanding, Making This Graphic Novel A Must Have In Any Home, Classroom, Or Library They would be great if we were school kids in about 4th or 5th grade I personally did not need all that information at 77 yes of age, if I would have known it was a comic book I would not have order it. My boys, ages 8 and 10, love reading about historical events with these books, which are like graphic novels comic books The book manages to include all the important facts in a fun and entertaining way. OK but missing the telegraph s first use coast to coast at Utah Transcontinental Rail Ceremony May 10 1869.Also about American Experience implementing this invention, such as the Native Americans reaction cutting the wires and using copper for jewelry or the fact that laying the wires across territories actually made the railroad and major routes today connect And the beginning of the stock broker was really the telegraph worker tracking the lines.So the impact on the country as a megatechnology was understated The first telegraph coast to coast to Washington DC from Utah and to San Francisco from Utah united the country EAST TO WEST at a time when NORTH TO SOUTH post civil war was weak and divided.Too much color on every page also need some white space to get through it Lots of great content nonetheless as an invention.Art and science are much connected in makerspaces these days, and the architecture layout of what the telegraph must have required, the challenges, and push to do this from Lincoln carried thru after his death.The contribution to the industrial revolution in finance and industry very understated Also the required materials copper came from Great Lakes and that is forgotten too how that was center of universe for the early American entrepreneur. I bought this for my child s elementary school presentation It was written in a way that kept him interested while giving enough facts for a great presentation He scored well, enjoyed reading it and learned a lot In the age of text messaging and constant communication I feel like Samuel Morse should be of a household name Highly recommended.

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