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Aprons and Silver Spoons: The Heartwarming Memoirs of a 1930s Kitchen Maid IF YOU LOVE DOWNTON, THIS IS RIGHT UP YOUR STREET CloserIf You Liked Downton Abbey And Upstairs, Downstairs, It S Time To Discover The True Story In Mollie Moran S Sunday Times Charming Bestselling Memoir Of Life As A 1930s Kitchen Maid When Young Mollie Became A Skivvy In A Stately London Townhouse Aged Just 14, She Quickly Learned That She Would Need A Large Amount Of Elbow Grease And A Sense Of Humour Through Mollie S Eyes We Are Offered A Fascinating Glimpse Into London S Invisible Downstairs , A World That Has Long Since Vanished Cooking Huge Roast Dinners, Polishing Doorknobs, Scrubbing Steps And Covering Up Her Employers Scandals Going To Dances With Her Fellow Servants And Flirting With Harrods Errand Boys, She Had No Idea That The Oncoming War In 1939 Would Change Her World, And That Of Those She Served, ForeverDiscover The Real Hardships And Rewards For A Pre War Domestic Servant In Mollie Moran S Charming Memoir__________ This Evocative Memoir Provides A Fascinating Insight Into A World That Has Long Since Disappeared SunA Vivid, Entertaining And Human Glimpse Into Life In Service During The 1930s Complete With Recipes, Tips And Photos My Weekly

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    What can I say this book was an absolute pleasure to read Keeps you captivated from beginning to the end Gives you two different views on domestic service before world war two brought an end to it I cou

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    Most uplifting absorbing book I ve read for a long time The irrepressible Mollie is funny, brave, clever and kind hearted her wonderful memories of life below stairs in the 30s are utterly compelling Her

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    Mollie Browne born in norfolk 21st September now at 96 yrs old we read her story Born to mabel and sydney with a younger brother James she has a happy childhood at 14 yrs moved to London as a scullery maid

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    Mollie tells her life story in a hrartwarming and sincere way It s an account of a way of life in service long gone and almost forgotten The drudgery of the work almost amounted to slavery Yet Mollie s love o

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    Between the wars there was little education or opportunity for many girls born,into the poorer classes But they were mostly not stupid, knew what their limitations were and made the best of them These women wor

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    This book was so compelling to read, just couldn t wait to find out where life took Molly and was glad to know she came through to a ripe old age It was very engaging to read and a really fascinating account of t

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    This book was fantastic Telling the true life of Molly Brown A girl who knew what she wanted from early childhood and working as a scullery maid at just 14 and the hard work she had to do Her amazing attitude to ju

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    This book is a good read 96 yr old Molly Malone is a good storyteller In this book she recounts her life Downstairs in a stately home in the thirties This is Downton Abbey territory, told from the servants perspectiv

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