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Red Letter Words of Jesus This a wonderful daily read that keeps you tuned into the bible and particularly to the words attributed directly to Jesus I did not always agree with the commentary but always found it challenging and thought provoking Well done. The Words Of Jesus Red Letter Words Are The Most Important And Life Changing Ever Spoken Discover The Things Jesus Thought Were Most Important What He Says About How To Live His Relationship With God And The Holy Spirit And His Overwhelming Love For You More Than Passages From The Bible Are Considered With Illuminating Explanation And Background Facts Most Of All, Discovering Jesus Words Will Breathe Life Into Your Relationship With Him And Help You Draw Close To The One Who Knows You Fully And Loves You Completely The Red Letter Words Of Jesus, A Classic Gift Book By Bestselling Author Jack Countryman, Will Encourage You In Your Faith Journey, Whether You Are Seeking Christ For The First Time Or Have Been Following Him For Decades With Jesus Words On One Beautiful, Highly Designed Page, And An Informative Explanation On The Facing Page, The Red Letter Words Of Jesus Will Bring To Life The Teachings Of Jesus In A New Way When I first got the book I thought I was going to have ALL the words of Jesus with commentary However, I was pleased with the way the author picked certain words of Jesus and expounded on them for better clarity. This book may serve well as a devotional text but does not deliver what I expected from such a title While I was expecting a text of only the words of Jesus, the book is a daily devotional which focuses on Jesus s words I suppose I should have read a sample prior to purchasing the book. Love this book of Red Letter Words of Jesus If you read the Bible and know of the words Jesus speaks, you will really like this book You can use it as a devotional each day, or you can teach someone the versus Jesus spoke You always want to read the Bible and read the versus other than what Jesus wrote in Red If you have a hard time reading the Bible, this is somewhere to give you the versus to start with, It starts with Matthew and goes to Revelations You won t be disappointed Hope this helps I just am excited to read this book Love the imitation cover It is very beautiful May God Bless You

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