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The Cloud Book: How to Understand the Skies This Attractive And Entertaining Guide To The Clouds, Helps Readers To Identify Every Cloud Type And Related Phenomena, And Understand Its Implications For The Weather Unlike Other Books About Clouds And Weather, Which Can Be Very Scientific And Hard To Understand, The Cloud Book Follows A Logical Progression From Low Clouds To The High Stratus Clouds, And On To Special Clouds The Book Also Features A Detailed Introduction On The History Of Cloud Classification How It Came About, The Challenge Involved With Naming Transitional Forms In Nature And How It Was Overcome Packed With Stunning Images From The Met Office S Archive Combined With A Lively And Informative Text, This Is The Definitive Guide To The Clouds And The Skies

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    A useful introductionThis book is a useful introduction to the observation of clouds, and is well illustrated It starts with a historical review of meteorology, and then goes into the classification and types of clouds, with photographs and accompanying text V

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    I bought this book for my dad who was in a residential home Prior to buying this book we use to watch clouds from the conservatory This was the perfect present for him and me We had lots of fun trying to identify clouds and it was amazing what we learned Sadly my dad di

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    Blatantly copied from my review of the pocket version of this book This version has bigger and better photographs but would need a bigger pocket If you ve ever wondered aloud what sort of cloud was drifting across your field of vision as you lay back in your garden lounger If you

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    My husband and I often comment on strange clouds we see, or the different types of clouds, and we have said so many times that we should get a book so that we know what we are looking at This book fit the bill nicely, we have both enjoyed reading this separately, and together.The photos ma

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    I bought this primarily for the wonderful cloudscape photos As an amateur watercolour painter I find it useful as a reference for practising different types of skies and cloud effects Lovely little book on nice quality paper.

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    After an experience I can only describe as miraculous, I noticed that at times, looking at the sky, and slowing my natural rhythm to that of the clouds floating across the sky helped ground me in the truer aspects of life I wanted to have my own real Cloud Atlas not the fiction story by the same name, though

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    I bought this as a gift but it is suitable for someone who has a serious technical interest in cloud formation It is full of very detailed cloud classification data and is not something that would be enjoyed by a person with a general interest in clouds, weather, etc Would send it back but not worth the trouble.

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    Wanted to try and predict weather This book is technical with wonderful pictures but you have to work to understand Worth the effort.

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