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Viking at School (Crackers) This is my first taste of a Jeremy Strong book and I have to say I am impressed The story is cleverly thought out and written and each character is well fleshed out to appear loveable or not as the tale dictates Viking at School is not at all condescending in the language used and as such should appeal to children from around six years old and over and there are one or two little jokes that may well float over the heads of younger readers but have any adults smiling wryly Take the mention of the increased sale of little silver hip flasks when Sigurd arrives back in town, or the mention of the teachers enjoying the arrival of the Viking at school as it means an easy day for them All very clever stuff that leaves you feeling sympathy with Sigurd while at the same time getting annoyed at his inherent stupidity and not being able to get anything right So a good fun story for young and old alike to enjoy Black and white drawings by John Levers break up text nicely and offer a fun distraction Four stars out of five from me with the recommendation that if you have ever thought about entertaining a Viking be it at home or school you really should read this first so you know what you are letting yourself in for. When Sigurd The Viking Arrives Back In Flotby, Not Everyone Is Pleased To See Him In Fact, The Whole Town Quickly Goes Down With A Severe Attack Of Vikingitis Until Mr And Mrs Ellis Hit Upon A Brilliant Idea Perhaps A Short Spell At School Would Teach The Viking Some 20th Century Manners. Meet Sigurd the Viking as he loses his and his wife s job as professional wrestlers Follow them as they try and find another way to work and make a living They finally decide to go to the Viking Hotel, where they cause a lot of chaosJeremy Strong is a well known and very well liked children s author He enjoys writing stories although he sometimes has some bad days but most of the time he has good days The author has won many awards for many books including the 2002 Nottingham Experion Big 3 Book Award for My Mum s Going to Explode , the 1998 short novel award at the Sheffield for Pirate Pandemonium , and the very first 2006 Manchester Book Award for Stuff I hope to read other books in this super series of books about this one troublesome 10th Century Viking and his wife as they struggle to live normal lives I would rate this book 9 10 and would recommend it to children who like funny adventure stories. Sigurd Siggy a time travelled viking and his wife Mrs Tibblethwaite Mrs T , having been disqualified from any wrestling matches are forced to seek refuge with family friends in Flotby Flotby never quite recovered from the last time hey visited, now they re here to stay The school will never be the same, especially when he reconstructs a long boat in a classroom, whilst one of the teachers is sleeping.I read this to our boys and using Siggys Viking english coats goats, sheets sheep etc the description some of the situations and names are hilarious We were all in fits when I had to read make the sound of a large piggy being assaulted by nosepicker Sigurds broad sword.All in all a very good read. Brill book realy enjoyble loed it i think we all agree it needs a sequel.The reveiw to be published needs at least 20 words plus repeated ones dont coungt so imjust going to go on abojut elon musk IDK. A wonderfull story, I was crying with laughter than once while reading it to my boys aged 5 and 8 years, they loved it as much as I did. Grandson, 8, loved it and read it in a couple of days This author had been read at school and he wanted. I loved it it was so funny Best book ever Everybody should get it I read it in half an hour.

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