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Britain's Spiders: A Field Guide (Britain's Wildlife) Britain S Spiders Is A Photographic Guide To All 37 Of The British Families, Focussing On Spiders That Can Be Identified In The Field Illustrated With A Remarkable Collection Of Photographs, It Is Designed To Be Accessible To A Wide Audience, Including Those New To Spider Identification This Book Pushes The Boundaries Of Field Identification For This Challenging Group By Combining Information On Features That Can Be Seen With The Naked Eye Or A Hand Lens With Additional Evidence From Webs, Egg Sacs, Behaviour, Phenology, Habitats And Distributions Individual Accounts Cover 395 Of Britain S Approximately 670 Species, With The Limitations To Field Identification Clearly Explained As The First Photographic Field Guide To British Spiders To Be Published Since 1989, This Book Fills A Major Gap In The Resources Available To Everyone With An Interest In This Fascinating, Diverse And Important Group Of Animals More Than 700 Stunning Photographs Includes A Guide To Spider Families, Based On Features Recognisable In The Field, Focussing On Body Shape And Other Characteristics, As Well As Separate Guides To Webs And Egg Sacs Detailed Accounts Highlight Key Identification Tips For Each Genus And Species, And Include Information On Status, Behaviour And Habitats Features Up To Date Distribution Maps, And Charts Showing Adult Seasonality Introductory Chapters Explore The Biology Of Spiders, And Where, When And How To Find Them, Including Equipment Needed In The Field Contains A Complete List Of The Spiders Recorded In Britain, Indicating The Ease Of Identification As Well As Rarity And Conservation Status Provides Information On How To Record Spiders And Make Your Records Count, And Guidance On How To Take Your Interest Further I m new to spiders so the detailed photos and the info concerning habits locations months of activity are great Really good resource, only downside is that its a bit heavy to carry into the field but that s because it has so much great info. This is a brilliant book It helps me to identify Spiders that a lot of people can t I had someone at work point out a little green spider no bigger than a pin head, thanks to this book I knew it was a Huntsmen Spider Now I can go around my garden and identify Spiders next summer using this book I keep Tantulas so why not learn about all Spiders Comes in handy when people panic because they think they have seen a false widow spider Lol The best field guide available for Britain s Spider The photos inside are amazing The guide is a good size but there are a lot of pages so a fairly heavy book It would easily fit a rucksack I love to sit at home and flick through the wonderful photos of the Spiders. This is a brilliant book, in my opinion A different structure to the old fashioned identification guides, aimed at identifying spiders without removing them from their habitat Also, it s wonderful to be able to download it I have both hardcopy and soft, but I think the versions on my phone and tablet will be the most used. Having been a life long arachnophobe, I decided it was time to know about them This is a well researched book, covering the spider species of Britain Although well illustrated, it s not easy to identify some species from the pictures I would also have liked a bit insight into their lifestyles Otherwise, a very good book as an introduction to the subject. I love it This is a great book for anyone interested in learning how to identify and increase their knowledge of our country s spiders It starts with the descriptions of key families and habitats, then moves on to the photographic images of most species This is a fairly thick book with around 480 pages It is a paperback though the cover is thick enough to offer good protection for pages within I do plan to purchase other books in this series. I am a complete novice to knowing about spiders in and around Britain , but this book I have to say is fantastic, I bet even someone who knows a thing or two about these little scurrying things would enjoy it.I have found a whole new interest in these creatures which I feel has taken away that slight feeling of uneasiness of seeing a spider out of the corner of your eye, to interest what they are all about and this book certainly as a novice lets you know what you need to know.I like it so much I will be buying a few of the other books in the Wild Guides series already purchased Britain s Butterflies from Wordery , it was cheaperAlthough these books can be pricey they are worth it, and you can if you look around buy them cheaper.

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