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New Testament Exegesis, Third Edition: A Handbook for Students and Pastors Building On The Belief That The Task Of Exegesis Is To Understand The Divine Human Intention Locked Within The Biblical Text, Gordon Fee Provides A Lucid Step By Step Analysis Of Exegetical Procedures That Has Made New Testament Exegesis A Standard Textbook For Nearly Two Decades Now Than Ever, With An Updated, Newly Integrated Bibliography And An Appendix Directly Addressing Reader Response Criticism, This Essential, Classic Guide Will Assist Students, Scholars, And Clergy In Coming To Grips With The New Testament

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    A lot of helpful material but if your knowledge of New Testament Greek is limited or non existent then it will be of a struggle However if you are serious about exegesis then some appreciation of the language it was originally written in is crucial.It is quite heavy going and I would look for other guides as well and seek other opinions before purchasing However, I do appreciate

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    perfect thanks Quick dispatch

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    this book is great if you want to get down and start examining and doing exegesis.yeah brings all the things to mind for the exegesis of different genres in the new testament.for a beginner like myself I thought it was brilliant, step by step issues.had a quick start method, a detailed english method and a detailed greek method.realy accessible, had great fun examining the corinthians last y

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    I think that the best way to describe the purpose of the book is to steal the first paragraph from the author s preface to the first edition A former New Testament colleague was once asked by a student how he could learn to do exegesis, intending that his teacher should suggest a book My colleague answered, You will just have to take a course That answer is the tacit admission of what all of us who

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    Whether you are just starting on the journey of Bible study, or whether you are an old timer with years of experience under your belt this volume by Gordon Fee is sure to be a source of inspiration, instruction and a great resource to help you learn how to do Bible study the right way Fee breaks down the process flow from where to begin all the way to how to share it effectively with others One of the mo

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    I had trouble with the stars cause though its a great book, I think, its only for pastors or Greek students Its not good for the average person wanting to get out of their Bibles I have read several other books that are appropriate for that audience.

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    I am SO grateful for buying this book as a young minister who has not yet entered the Seminary world, I appreciated that the author was willing to teach me what it means to apply Application, to the Holy Scriptures so that I preach the Word for itself Get your COPY NOW

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    New Testament Exegesis written by Gordon Fee by way of British Columbia is a great study tool for anyone interested in understanding the Bible clearly.

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