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Isaac Newton and his Apple (Dead Famous) You Ve Probably Heard Of Isaac Newton He Is Dead Famous For Discovering Gravity, Being A Right Clever Dick And Getting Hit On The Head With An Apple But Have You Heard That Isaac Came Bottom Of The Class At School, Poked Sticks In His Eye And Nearly Blinded Himself And Nearly Got Himself Executed

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    Isaac Newton and his Apple Even though he lived 300 years ago and he wasn t a king or anything obvious like that, nearly everybody has heard of Isaac Newton.What s , he will always be dead famous until the end of time but do you know why One day Isaac was sitting in his garden under an apple

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    Even though i m 20, i picked up this book because of my lil bro who s 12 I sat, opened the book and couldn t put it down it took me less than a day to read it, and it not only taught me about Sir Isaac Newton, but inspired me to learn further, not give up on work

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    What a thrill I thought as I picked up the book I thought It was going to be wonderful But It wasn t The pictures were daft and the style of writing of Poskitt was below average.An Ok book.

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    My 8 year old son and I have really enjoyed this book It s a wonderful combination of history, math and science and how they related in Newton s time and influence our own You ll learn about everyone from Aristotle to Einstein, how they influenced Isaac Newton and how he influenced those that followed The concepts are pre

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    Great for young readers.

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