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Rain: Four Walks in English Weather A Wonderful Meditation On The English Landscape In Wet Weather By The Acclaimed Novelist And Nature Writer, Melissa HarrisonWhenever Rain Falls, Our Countryside Changes Fields, Farms, Hills And Hedgerows Appear Altered, The Wildlife Behaves Differently, And Over Time The Terrain Itself Is TransformedIn Rain, Melissa Harrison Explores Our Relationship With The Weather As She Follows The Course Of Four Rain Showers, In Four Seasons, Across Wicken Fen, Shropshire, The Darent Valley And Dartmoor Blending These Expeditions With Reading, Research, Memory And Imagination, She Reveals How Rain Is Not Just An Essential Element Of The World Around Us, But A Key Part Of Our Own Identity Too

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    The robin silvery notes trickling like water All creatures out to feed and live, down in the water frogspawn hatch and die People are evacuated and survive, but not the sodden shrew Above, a

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    This book is published by Faber and Faber in conjunction with the National Trust It is a short book of 128 pages that tells of the author s four different rainy rambles in the English countryside The

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    In the course of a year Harrison took four rainy walks, in different seasons and different parts of England She intersperses her observations with facts and legends about the rain the term old saw appears three

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    This lovely, short read is contemplative and observant Don t get me wrong I d rather take a walk in sunshine with beautiful views, but as a northerner I m well used to the rain I enjoyed this introspective diversion thro

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    An excellent look at our obsession with weather and in particular rain.

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    Another splendid book by Melissa Harrison one of the authors I have discovered this year and raved about to various friends and colleagues Starts with a walk in an area close to where I work, and concludes with an area close to where I have

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    A very enjoyable short book if you like nature countryside writing Nicely observed and well written The book itself is also very attractive and printed on good quality paper and would make a good present for an outdoorsy person who enjoys reading.

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    I was given this book as a Secret Santa present and loved it so much I ordered three copies for friends 2 of whom live in very hot places A well written, personal perspective on the role rain plays in the landscape we have.

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