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TV Go Home This is a fantastic book I m a massive Charlie Brooker fan and his wit and humor explodes out of this book It takes the format of a television guide with various editorials and advertisements within it This has had my laughing aloud and I revisit it regularly It arrived very quickly and in excellent condition So much so that if it had been listed as brand new item I wouldn t have doubted it A great buy. Loved the website way back when we didn t know it was CB who wrote it, awesome book and lovely bit of nostalgia Much gruesome than I remember. this book is an amazingly funny read and perceptive ahead of its times in alot of its listingsIt is essentially a spoof T.V guide with daily terrestrial listings as well as a comprehensive cable guide picks of the day including the greatest advert of all time the holidays are coming coca cola advert Written by Charlie Brooker before he became famous,but not lacking any of his razor sharp wit and withering critique of the state of modern t.v See the origins of Nathan Barley Excellent book, very funny.Excerpts from the cult TV Go Home website I love Charlie Brookers wit and humour I would highly recommend this book. Brooker creates a hilarous satirical book in the style of a TV magazine it is full wit and funny observations on what is going on our tv screens This was a very enjoyable read made me laugh out loud Genius Probably still the best thing Charlie Brooker has ever done Regalo apprezzato Mia sorella colleziona tutti i libri di Charlie Brooker non immaginava che riuscivo a trovare anche questo Davvero contenta e soddisfatta di questo ordine Consigliato a chi un suo fan TV Go Home Began Life In The Late S As An Outrageously Funny Website By Charlie Brooker Which Parodied The Radio Times, And Was Turned Into A Book In When Brooker Was Still A Relative Unknown It Was A Brutal And Surreal Satire Of The World Of TV, Media And Celebrity, Written With Brooker S Trademark Savage Wit Unavailable For Some Years, We Are Republishing It To Reach His Many Thousands Of New FansIn TV Go Home, Visit A Parallel World Where Reality TV And New Media Have Got Completely Out Of Control Shows Include Daily Mail Island, Where Inhabitants Of A Small Island Are Force Fed The Newspaper And Become Ever Outraged, An Eternal Version Of Watchdog Where Viewers Are Invited To Phone In And Complain About Every Single Facet Of Every Single Object, Product And Service In The World And Various Extremely Rude Shows Featuring Mick Hucknall S TesticlesStar Of The Book Is Brooker S Famous Creation Nathan Barley, Pretentious Hoxton New Media Type Whose Very Existence Indelibly Tarnishes The World S Already Questionable Track Record Not For The Faint Hearted, TV Go Home Is A Gloriously Funny, Filthy And Spectacularly Angry Book Charlie Brooker is an incredible media satirist Since 2005, his Wipe shows Screenwipe, Newswipe, Weeklywipe, Gameswipe have been deconstructing every facet of television TV Go Home, which started out as a website in the early 2000s, is how Brooker got into the business This book is a parody of TV Guide, giving us a glimpse into an alternate world where all of the worst aspects of our television experience have been amplified and magnified.An absolutely incredible comedic work.

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