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Sink Reflections Fly Out Of CHAOS Can T Have Anyone Over Syndrome Into Order One BabyStep At A Time With Her Special Blend Of Housecleaning Tips, Humor, And Musings About Daily Life, Marla Cilley, Aka The FlyLady, Shows You How To Manage Clutter And Chaos And Get Your Home And Your Life In Order Drawn From The Lessons And Tools Used In Her Popular Mentoring Program, The FlyLady System Helps You Create Doable Housekeeping Routines And Break Down Overwhelming Chores Into Manageable Missions That Will Restore Peace To Your Home And Your Psyche Soon You Ll Be Able To Greet Guests Without Fear, Find Your Keys, Locate Your Kids, And, Most Of All, Learn How To FLY Finally Love Yourself

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    I happened upon Flylady in the comment section of a Facebook video about Organisation Tips, and I have to say, it has helped me well beyond what I could ve hoped for It s easy to follow and very encouraging, you can personalise the system to fit around your life and home, and you don t need to do

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    i found flylady via an internet forum i quickly reralised that the system was for people just like me my home was full of things i couldn t bring myself to get rid of it was cluttered smelly messy and embarrassing visitors had to phone three days before arriving so that i could tidy and i was always having

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    If you are in a non stop effort to keep your household chores under control but you never manage to do this successfullyIf being stressed on a daily basis, even without obvious reason, is your usual emotional state Even if you feel you manage pretty well, but would like to enhance the peace, harmony and positive aura

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