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The Science of Wine: From Vine to Glass Well written and very informative with sufficient scientific detail to satisfy a PhD in Biochemistry me but it doesn t require extensive scientific knowledge to be appreciated. Praise For The First Edition Winemaking These Days Is A Complicated Process That Cannot Always Be Understood Intuitively Fortunately Jamie Goode S The Science Of Wine From Vine To Glass Explains Some Of The Terms That Critics Toss Around Mr Goode Manages To Make Then Lively And Provocative Eric Asimov, New York Times A Thoroughly Revised And Updated Second Edition Of This Essential And Groundbreaking Reference Gives A Comprehensive Overview Of One Of The Most Fascinating, Important, And Controversial Trends In The World Of Wine The Scientific And Technological Innovations That Are Now Influencing How Grapes Are Grown And How Wine Is Made Jamie Goode, A Widely Respected Authority On Wine Science, Details The Key Scientific Developments Relating To Viticulture And Enology, Explains The Practical Application Of Science To Techniques That Are Used Around The World, And Explores How These Issues Are Affecting The Quality, Flavor, And Perception Of Wine The Only Complete And Accessibly Written Resource Available On The Subject, The Science Of Wine From Vine To Glass Engagingly Discusses A Wide Range Of Topics Including Terroir, Biodynamics, The Production Of Natural Or Manipulation Free Wines, The Potential Effect Of Climate Change On Grape Growing, The Health Benefits Of Wine, And Much A Must Have Reference For A Wide Audience Of Students, Winemakers, Wine Professionals, And General Readers Interested In The Science Of Wine The Second Edition Features A Fresh New Design With Color Illustrations Throughout Discussions Of Some Of The Most Hotly Debated Issues Including Genetically Modified Grapevines, Sulphur Dioxide, The Future Of Cork, And Wine Flavor Chemistry New Chapters On Soils And Vines, The Science Of Grape Varieties, Oxygen Management And Wine Quality, Red Wine Production Techniques, And The Role Of Language To Describe The Subtleties Of Taste Purchased for a relative studying to be a sommelier Obviously a great wine book. I thought that I knew a fair bit about wine But after reading The Science of Wine From Vine to Glass I realized that I had been stumbling around for years with a lot of second hand and received wisdom, some of which it turns out was part myth and lore than fact This is just a marvelous book for wine lovers Admittedly, it is technical in many ways But the author writes with just the right balance of erudition, knowledge, science and example to explain plant biology and wine making science, history and procedures so succinctly that the basic concepts become readily understandable This is a wonderful book, and an invaluable resource for any wine lover wanting to know about how the wine in their glass got there and tastes the way it does. After years of drinking wine and reading periodicals I was looking for something that would help me separate the science from the hype Jamie Goode has concisely, cleanly, and intelligently touched on subjects from terroir to tasting with objectivity In the end he acknowledges the sum is greater than the parts, but understanding the parts helps us produce and drink and enjoy better wine.

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