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Welding For Dummies Get The Know How To Weld Like A Pro Being A Skilled Welder Is A Hot Commodity In Today S Job Market, As Well As A Handy Talent For Industrious Do It Yourself Repairpersons And Hobbyists Welding For Dummies Gives You All The Information You Need To Perform This Commonly Used, Yet Complex, Task This Friendly, Practical Guide Takes You From Evaluating The Material To Be Welded All The Way Through The Step By Step Welding Process, And Everything In Between Plus, You Ll Get Easy To Follow Guidance On How To Apply Finishing Techniques And Advice On How To Adhere To Safety Procedures Explains Each Type Of Welding, Including Stick, Tig, Mig, And Fluxcore Welding, As Well As Oxyfuel Cutting, Which Receives Sparse Coverage In Other Books On Welding Tips On The Best Welding Technique To Choose For A Specific Project Required Training And Certification Information Whether You Have No Prior Experience In Welding Or Are Looking For A Thorough Reference To Supplement Traditional Welding Instruction, The Easy To Understand Information In Welding For Dummies Is The Ultimate Resource For Mastering This Intricate Skill

8 thoughts on “Welding For Dummies

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    Plenty of really good information for beginners, but sorely let down by referencing only yester year imperial measurements Okay for the American market, but no excuses whatsoever for omitting equivalent metric measurements for the rest of the world that have since moved on.

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    I bought this book mainly to find out about the best way to weld steel, and brazing, and it covers these two aspects, as well, as important sefety information that I would not be aware of otherwise The author is very knowledgeable and gives very good advice, on important safety infromation and how to approach different welding tasks There is good information on choosing the right welding setup for y

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    Great book if you live in America, however it has no research for UK related regulations etc.

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    I was thinking about setting up a little welding shop for hobby crafts and the like, not that I had any experience of welding, it just seemed like something worth doing In a mad moment of pause for thought I decided to read up on the subject first I like the dummies series, they always seem to be suitable for my level of understanding of something new work it out people This text was no exception, it sensibly talks you

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    As a complete novice to welding found this book very informative and all topics well written and easy to understand Would recommend it for anyone beginning to weld as a hobby.

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    Far as we see here this is a new item, perfect, excellent, and well done sirs pics are a tad boring and shady, nothing gained here

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    Hubby says its great tefetence guide yo keep in workshop or shed.

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    Book is aimed at the American market, with many references to American welding standards The instructions for welding techniques would have benefited from some diagrams showing the techniques as well as describing them Very comprehensive covering arc, mig, and tig as well as plasma cutting and soldering but l was disappointed with the lack of basic technique diagrams graphics

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