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The Art of Biblical Poetry Three Decades Ago, Renowned Literary Expert Robert Alter Radically Expanded The Horizons Of Biblical Scholarship By Recasting The Bible As Not Only A Human Creation But A Work Of Literary Art Deserving Studied Criticism In The Art Of Biblical Poetry, His Companion To The Seminal The Art Of Biblical Narrative, Alter Takes His Analysis Beyond Narrative Craft To Investigate The Use Of Hebrew Poetry In The Bible Updated With A New Preface, Myriad Revisions, And Passages From Alter S Own Critically Acclaimed Biblical Translations, The Art Of Biblical Poetry Is An Indispensable Tool For Understanding The Bible And Its Poetry

6 thoughts on “The Art of Biblical Poetry

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    Usely for first year degree work.

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    this is a great book for the serious student.helpful in many ways , very good interesting, certainly worth the money

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    Illuminates not just biblical poetry but the practice of verse in general.

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    Complex but clear

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    Interesting and enlightening

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    Robert Alter explores each of the main poetic genres of the Bible and brings to light all the underlying poetic principles He enables the general reader and specialist alike to see these ancient poems afresh, and to appreciate the relation between poetic vehicle and religious vision With great skill and clarity he shows how the poetry of the Bible

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