[EPUB] ✷ Fantastic, Funny, Frightening (Wordsmith (Literacy Service)) Author Other Other – Tactical-player.co.uk

Fantastic, Funny, Frightening (Wordsmith (Literacy Service)) FANTASTIC A Magical Cupboard That Can Give You Whatever You Want For A Price An Exciting Adventure Inside A Virtual Reality Computer Game And A Glimpse Into The Future FUNNY A Horse That Really Is As Silly As It Looks And A Man Who Is Lost In The Desert, Looking For Water But Finding Nothing But Ties FRIGHTENING A Deep, Dark Basement That Hides A Nasty Surprise A Strange But Intriguing New House And A Creepy Newel Post That Lives At The Bottom Of The Stairs Eight Gripping Short Stories That Will Surprise, Thrill, Scare And Even Make You Laugh Out Loud

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