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The Undiscovered Self: Perfect condition. In The Undiscovered Self Jung Explains The Essence Of His Teaching For A Readership Unfamiliar With His Ideas He Highlights The Importance Of Individual Responsibility And Freedom In The Context Of Today S Mass Society, And Argues That Individuals Must Organize Themselves As Effectively As The Organized Mass If They Are To Resist Joining It To Help Them Achieve This He Sets Out His Influential Programme For Achieving Self Understanding And Self Realization The Undiscovered Self Is A Book That Will Awaken Many Individuals To The New Life Of The Self That Jung Visualized Great great great Basic start point for those who seek within to get out, shows the one and only opponent to fight, the only war there is, the only dance to dance.Undiscovered due to the illusion we keep intact, which can be used to NOT think for yourself Bill Dawson, Bute.A bit tough to start on as your first Jung, try first Two Essays on Analytical PsychologyRead to design your own visions, Jung is THE non opinionated writer on the subject not to force the theory onto the reader but let him her discover his her own progress items. Generally, revaluations are afoot if there is Jung in the title This, a fractional glimpse of the message of the prophetic young One I wouldn t be without and I highly recommend it Guaranteed to get the imagination and the intellect working unison I think you need genius level IQ to understand this Bought as a gift for my partner as he found an interest in Jung It arrives as a small book However by bf read it and enjoyed it. Also brilliant, relevant and thought provocking Have already read it and am now reading it again.

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