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The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (Collected Works of C.G. Jung) Very deep interesting book The Concept Of Archteypes And The Hypothesis Of A Collective Unconscious Are Two Of Jung S Better Known And Most Exciting Ideas In This Volume Taken From The Collected Works And Appearing In Paperback For The First Time Jung Describes And Elaborates The Two Concepts Three Essays Establish The Theoretical Basis Which Are Then Followed By Essays On Specific Archetypes The Relation Of These To The Process Of Individuation Is Examined In The Last Section The Archetypes And The Collective Unconscious Is One Of Jung S Central Works There Are Many Illustrations In Full Colour Carl Jung always exceeding expectations,a must read for a better understanding of our shadow side and what really motivates us in the pursue of our true self Good book for those interested in C G Jung Personally, I agree with some of his ideas, but not others A good book, nonetheless bought this book twice, very important stuff Very good. I havent read only a few pages at a time, very interesting but can only take this in by reading it bit by bit C.J Jung The ArchetypesWonderful book to refresh the mind I recommend it to all those who asks WHY DID I DO THIS

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