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Five Ancestors Out of the Ashes #1: Phoenix It Is Years After The Events Of The Five Ancestors Phoenix Collns Lives In Indiana With His Grandfather Who Is Teaching Him Kung Fu But Phoenix S Real Love Is Mountain Bike Racing When Unsettling Events Reveal That His Grandfather Is Not Only One Of The Legendary Five Cangzhen Monks, But Also Almost Years Old, Phoenix Must Race The Clock If He Is Going To Keep His Beloved Ancestor Alive Traveling To China, He Meets An Intriguing Young Woman Who Is A Talented Biker And A Terrific Mechanic She Offers To Help Him, But Can She Be Trusted

About the Author: Jeff Stone

JEFF STONE lives in the Midwest with his wife, their two children, and a python named Yokwan Cantonese for Jade Bangle Mr Stone holds a black belt in Shaolin Do kung fu He had the honor of traveling to China with the Shaolin Do grand master and test for his black belt at Shaolin Temple Like the Five Ancestors, Mr Stone was adopted as an infant He began searching for his birth parents when he was 18 and found them 15 years later

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