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  1. P. P. says:

    Having read a number of books on this subject, my opinion is that this one beats the lot If you don t start clearing your space having read the first 19 chapters of this book you would probably be unusual Don t be put off buying the book if you find things like Feng Shui a bit too esoteric There s not much in here that you cant prove for yourself once you start decluttering The claims of how clutter can affect your mental and physical health are impressive and stand up to testing.

  2. Heidi Becket-Clinton Heidi Becket-Clinton says:

    Although this is a supporting book to her main Feng Shui book I found this one to be BETTER A small book, not very long it was THE most motivating and inspiring book to read It s definitely about clearing the clutter that in house and home it can help clear clutter in the mind and spirit as well it s subtly motivating without you realising it All thoughts to consider, ideas to implement I ve read it a few times now prefer it to the primary of her book Lovely find and highly recommend Even if you re not into Feng Shui I believe this book will help you upon many levels to clear the clutter in mind, heart, spirit home and in life Thank you for writing it Karen

  3. AMF AMF says:

    Definately 5 stars, this book motivated me into clearing my clutter I didn t realise how much of it I had, most of it was good stuff that I just didn t want, need or use any , so I donated it to my local charity shop I don t know how this book has worked, but it has, and now I m re reading it again, just in case I ve missed anything I would recommend this book to everyone, even those who believe they are clutter free

  4. Clogs Clogs says:

    This is an inspirational guide that I come back to again and again Very accessible, broken into neat chapters and sections, it s easy to take in bite sized chunks I have a paperback copy well worn , Kindle book download and the excellent Audible presentation read by the author Even if you are not into Feng Shui and have no intention of playing with Baguas, I would recommend reading this book for its common sense approach to decluttering.I m a huge hoarder I ve worked out why and it is taking me a long struggle to let go of all my clutter this book is the prime reason why I m trying to change my habits One day, I shall live with no than 100 possessions, providing one of these is Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

  5. Nan Nan says:

    Whether or not one believes in Feng Shui this book really does help you to get going and sort out your clutter I bought the print version a few years ago and now find the E version extremely helpful too Most people say they just cannot get started though they are surrounded by clutter and don t know where to begin Karen talks you through this as to why you collect it and I then found it easy to start having realised just why I had it in the first place Cannot explain just why several odd things like the bagua affects your clutter but it just does It is true though that once one starts it escalates and strangely enough others start saying they have been doing it as well I am not sure about the space clearing and wall touching bits so would not do that but am just happy that her book has helped me get going.

  6. Seagull lover Seagull lover says:

    Bought as a present for someone so not sure when it arrived parts of the book are about the links between physical health and clutter, but there is also a lot of very practical advice on how to deal with clutter room by room I have had this book for years and return to it periodically when my home needs a decluttering

  7. Petra Petra says:

    I have enjoyed reading this book very much, And truly if is not working at least your house is nice and clean I felt better as now it seams that I have energy when I got rid of unnecessary clutter I bought this book as a second hand and it come in a good condition.

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Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui Clearing clutter can radically transform your life Drawing on her wealth of experience as a feng shui, space clearing and clutter clearing consultant, Karen Kingston explains how clutter is stuck energy that has far reaching physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects This book will motivate you to clutter clear as never before, once you realise just how much your junk has been holding you back Learn Why people keep clutter How clutter causes stagnation in every area of your life Why clearing clutter is essential for effective feng shui How to clear clutter quickly and effectively Karen Kingston s top ten clutter clearing tips

  • Kindle Edition
  • Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui
  • Karen Kingston
  • 08 June 2017
  • 9780349417462

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui book, this is one of the most wanted Karen Kingston author readers around the world.