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The Cloudspotter's Guide The attractive feature of this survey of cloud dynamics is that it leaves you feeling you have understood the complex functions of adiabatic effects expressed in patterns of weather in simple terms Somehow, the author enables you to see clouds as personalities, as characters you have met in life, making it seem easy to grasp really complicated fluid dynamics That is the hallmark of an accomplished teacher the ability to hold the interest of his students, and leave them with a smile of appreciation on their faces. Not just a load of old clouds This book is insprirational with science, art, music and fun If the teachers at my school 50 years ago had been able to put over their subjects as Mr P P does his, I would have learned a great deal than I did I take these books about with me, this one and the Cloud Collector s Handbook it s such a cute little book , they are just the thing for trains, waiting rooms and bus queues Of course, people may look at you funny if you smile or even giggle whilst reading, or turn the book upside down to see a picture the other way up, but don t worry about that I don t I recommend both books. Having just downloaded the CloudSpotter App I thought it would be useful to have a little information about some of the clouds and optical effects There is a lot of useful information in the book but also a lot chat about clouds in famous paintings, Hindu Myths and ancient cloud spotters Having since looked inside The Cloud Collector s Handbook on the web I suspect I would have found that to my liking It looks concise like an identification book so I might end up buying that one as well. My partner asked for this book as a Christmas present I did my best to find it but thought that I had got it wrong SHE IS DELIGHTED 10 out of 10 If you are a fan of Clouds and extremely good writing this book is for YOU. The Cloudspotter s Guide was bought as a present but I had already bought this book previously and found it very interesting reading and easy to understand I would certainly recommend this book. Suffering from a severe is there any other form of Man Flu, I picked this up and devoured it in two days If I had wanted to write such a book I would have done just the same as Mr Pretor Pinney using a mixture of science, religion, history, philosophy and art, well written in a lively fashion and glued together with liberal dashes of humour Starting with Chapter One, cumulus, my febrile brain was buffeted from children s drawings to John Constable to Ren Descartes to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs about elephants, learning in the process that a cumulus cloud weighs the same as eighty elephants, to lava lamps and then on and on I felt rather like what poor Lt Col William Rankin must have felt like, that is the exhilaration and not the pain, when he was obliged to bail out at 47,000 ft above a cumulonimbus in Chapter Two Even the ostensibly boring stratus and the often frankly depressing nimbostratus managed to shine in these pages before I surged to the upper troposphere, with a detour to Billingsgate Market for the mackerel sky version of cirrocumulus, and beyond A veritable tour de force. Well written, informative, easy to understand and certainly entertaining Look out of a window or step outdoors and the sky provides a whole new level of entertainment after reading this book Generally never again will you look at the sky in the same way again, unless of course it is a cloudless blue desert The Cloud Collector s HandbookHot Pink Flying Saucers and Other Clouds The Clouds Are Nature S Poetry, And The Most Egalitarian Of Her Displays, Since Everyone Has An Equally Fantastic View Of Them Clouds Are For Dreamers, And Their Contemplation Benefits The Soul Yet Their Beauty Is So Everyday As To Be In Danger Of Being Overlooked Gavin Pretor Pinney Is The Chairman And Founder Member Of The Cloud Appreciation Society He Contends That We Are Blessed In This Country With A Uniquely Rich And Varied Cloudscape, Which Has Hitherto Been Sadly Undervalued His Book Teaches Us To Appreciate Their Different Varieties The Cumulus, Nimbostratus And Morning Glory To Name Only A Few And All Their Beauties And Significances, Both Meteorological And Cultural We Learn How Hindus Believed The Cumulus Clouds Were The Spiritual Cousins Of Elephants, How Thermal Air Currents Act On Fair Weather Cumuli, And How To Save A Fortune In Psychiatric Bills By Using The Clouds As Rorschach Images That Reflect Our State Of Mind As Well As Nature S MoodsLooking Up Will Never Be The Same Again

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