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The Animation Producer's Handbook Animation Is One Of The Fastest Growing Fields In Film And Television, And It Is Also Integral To Video Games And Web Development Once An Esoteric And Hard Won Skill, Technology Has Advanced To The Point That Simple Animated Projects Can Now Be Produced On A Home PC Its Many Enthusiasts Have Fuelled A Range Of New Courses In Universities, And In Public And Private Colleges Drawing On Their Extensive Experience In The Field, The Authors Offer A Systematic Overview Of The Role Of The Animation Producer And The Production Process They Explain How To Develop A Concept, Pitch It To Obtain Funding, And Find A Market They Offer Detailed Advice On Recruiting A Team, Managing Different Stages Of Production Including Overseas Suppliers , Quality Control, Budgeting And Scheduling They Also Outline The Key Aspects Of 2D And 3D Production.From Project Development, Seeking Investment To Pre And Post Production, For Film, Television, And The Web, The Animation Producer S Handbook Is The One Stop Shop For Budding Animators Everywhere. I ve worked in animation for 10 years and I ve never heard of these two women, and the few credits I could find on them were 1 video game and 2 TV series, both of which I ve never heard of So, I find it strange that they would seek out to write a book about something where I m having a hard time finding credits on them The other producing book on the woman had a long list of credits as a production manager and several producing credits, including the new star wars film I can t understand how I can take reccomendations from two ladies on how the biz is run, when they have zero credits from a major studio But maybe they are attempting to speak to an audience who has zero experience in animation. It s the first book I ve read on animation production that wasn t just a glorified autobiography about the writers fabulous career This book is for people who are unfamiliar with the business side of animation, and have the desire to find out before they commit to it.This covers a lot of very basic information, as well as common practices and procedures It s written in the tone of a dry instructional manual, which I appreciate This industry and the people in it are emotional enough already.After reading this, I feel better equipped to begin the process of starting my own studio.

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